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  1. Hello all, I have a 2009 Impreza 2.5i non turbo. Bought it recently used. I was preparing to perform an oil change and started the car to move. Bam, CEL of P2227! Baro sensor out of range? So, what to do? I've checked and cleaned the MAP, checked and cleaned the MAF. Looked for bad vacuum lines, reset ECU. Only thing done recent was a battery charge, exhaust pipe work and replaced the fuel pump. A previous owner has put in an remote start. Everything else is bone stock. Not sure what else to check, especially when the service manual says to replace ECU?? Is that where the BARO sensor is? Thanks Eric
  2. I just bought an '07 Impreza but I cannot find what specs it has using its VIN number. I have used a few VIN decoders and a lot of of them say invalid and some show me only half of what it is. For example one site shows the car as a 2008 2.5L Hatchback model when in reality it just a 2007 1.5L N/A Hatchback. I used http://www.cars101.com/subaru/vin.htm to try decode the VIN myself but the 5th position on my VIN is H which is not even talked about on that guide. Can someone please point me to right direction please so I can find out what exact specification my car has like trim and options? Help is always greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey all, New member here. Just posted on NASIOC and another sub-forum on here. Im just looking for some advice besides the usual nay-sayers that will always offer the usual buy a WRX. This is out of the question unfortunately. As the title suggests I just bought a 2005 Forester EJ20 XT and im looking to engine swap into my daily 2008 Impreza 1.5r Hatchback non turbo. I have both complete running and driving cars and aim to sell the rest of the forester and my 1.5 engine and gearbox to help fund the project as I go. I have space and some tools but will need to hire an engine crane, anything else specialist etc. I do also have connections with friends and a couple local workshops/garages I can quote to help me but i'm still debating just how much of this I want to take in myself. I did study automotive mechanics at college for 3 years but have no real experience with a project of this size. Please let me know any advice you'd have for a first timer and any advisory maintenance I should look into pricing for "while it's out anyway" lol. Would love to find a similar conversion or comparable build that's been done I could use for information but I haven't found much so far on NASIOC, even with the popularity of the hatchback in the USA Cheers in advance guys. Pics of Both cars and the EJ engine should be attached.
  4. Hey guys So as the title suggests I don’t own a scoobie but looking for any advice/tips/guides on what to look out for when buying a scoobie. I have always wanted to a classic sti scooby since I was a kid and now it’s time to actually get one. I really want a classic sti v5 or v6 and wanted to ask if I could get any advice/tips on what to look out for. My budget is around £6/7k and wanted to know if you guys think I could find a good example for around this price. Any thoughts/help is appreciated Thanks
  5. I've had issues with my car key fobs not working. Previously changing the battery in them made them work for some time, but now after changing both of my key batteries neither is working at all. Seems like it may be an issue with the signal receiver in the car? Is there anything that can be done at home to resolve an issue like this?
  6. Hi all Newbie here! I have just tied the knot with a 2003 JDM Blobeye WRX Automatic in Blue, which I am picking up this Sunday. I know manuals are way better but the auto will fit the purpose I have bought it for so take it easy on me. I have looked on comparison websites (confused, gocompare and comparethemarket) to no avail as the WRXs with automatic transmissions do not show up on the drop-down list. Does anyone know of any insurers that specifically serve the Scooby community so I can get an insurance quote from them. A quick response and any help will be greatly appreciated! Zee
  7. Hi. I have a seibon Carbon bonnet on my 2005 blobeye however the current washer jet nozzles seem to be too small and move about in the new bonnets holes, are larger ones available and does anyone know from where or have any ideas. Gratefull for your responses.
  8. Hi all, hope you are all well! I recently brought my scooby and loving every minute of it. I've spent the last 4 months keeping it standard and decided that it is now time for me to upgrade it. I'm not looking for outrageous power, would be happy with 250 - 270. The car to my knowledge is completely standard, bar the backbox which isn't standard (not a twin pipe). I've been doing my research and found this post on here typical upgrade path newage impreza 20 wrx. Read well. Has anyone tried and tested these methods, with dyno results to prove? I have been looking at exhaust systems and wanted to remove a cat and replace another with a sport one. Would this still pass a MOT? My next question would be where do you guys buy your parts from? eBay is just flooded with cheap stuff, would prefer to buy branded unless you guys rate a lower brand etc. Regards Brian
  9. Hi all, hope you are well. I've recently brought scooby and after having it for 4 months i've decided to finally put some upgrades on. I found a peice of software called FreeSSM which once plugged in will show all values from your ECU and sensors etc. I'm not looking at tweaking but rather see if anything is not right. Question is does anyone use another other software which may be better or more usefull for me? Also i was wondering if my GDA is OBD or OBD II. Is there any difference etc? Regards Brian P.S Heres a link to a another question of mine 🙂 WRX GDA Performance Gains, Help Needed
  10. Hi guys/galls, Looking to change my wheels quite soon but I'm having trouble choosing! 🤔 As she looks now. I'm gonna load some pics (numbered but not named) and I haven't yet chosen a make, so they're a guide only for now, I'd appreciate your feedback and comments. On my last Scooby, '09 WRX Hatch I went for the Wolfrace Asia-Tec in gunmetal. (#1) and they looked awesome. 😁 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, So far I'm leaning towards 4 & 1, love the jdm look. Thanks for looking! 👍
  11. Hey, In first case i'm sorry about my English , it isn't the best. So there are a 2003 Blobeye WRX. New in the family. I have problem with the ABS light. Im just put the car to ignition and the Check Engine + ABS lamps are lighting. If i start the engine --> shift to the 1 gear --> the car starts to move --> the lights are goes OFF from the dash. BUT sometimes they are not leave me alone and stay, just lighting until i drive. If i do Ign Off - On after it, the lights goes OFF again. When driving there are no problem with abs or anything its error-free. When i bought it, the previous owner said that he were at subaru service center and the diagnostic is not showed any problem. Mods on the car, the speedometer cluster changed to STI one (mph) , the originally wrx was km/h. There are a full HKS exhaust system under the car from the start to the end, with afterburner system. Middle console was changed for STI too. Oil and boost meter installed too in the car. I was read some stories about the wrong subaru ABS, pedal falls, system failures, car crashes etc... Im a little bit afraid is an evolving problem in my car. This is the cause why i wrote here, maybe someone met with this problem and can help me in the repair (or can calm me down). Thanks :)
  12. Right so as suggested, was filling up tonight after work. Always fill it to the brim, and I mean literally to the brim, like fuel up through the filler neck so it's nearly sloshing out when I put the cap back on. So I normally add a few more quid once it clicks off. Anyway, did the same as always and put the pump back and the heard what sounded like a leak, so I got under the car to have a look...this is what I found. A massive puddle of fuel. Now, it could be because I overfilled it, however I've done this multiple times before and never had this problem? Maybe the filler neck has rotted out as it seems to be drained from there when I went back and looked? I am not interested in dropping the tank if I can avoid it as it looks a massive pain in the ****, plus I've got a full tank of fuel in there at the moment too. It appears to be coming from near the top for sure. Only other thing I could think of is the seal around where you access the pump at has gone/isn't right from when I changed to her Walbro pump, although I would of thought that would of shown up earlier as it's been in for a few month now. Pics below. I've got video with some more close ups if anyone is interested in seeing that lemme know and I'll pop a text through?
  13. So basically this is my problem...can't seem to figure it out. (Sorry can't be arsed to type it out) http://www.clubwrx.net/forums/general-maintenance-troubleshooting-accidents/134330512-stiff-steering-when-turning.html#/topics/134330512?page=3 Fluid level looks good, belt looks alright...could be rack and pinion or rack failure, but it was pretty sudden (didn't do it, then did it the next day). Only other thing, got advisories on MOT about the ball joint boots being corroded, but they said they were ok still? Can't see them diminishing in less than a week? 🤔😕
  14. hi there guys, so i have a 2.0 sport impreza so its na. my latest mod was a hks mushroom induction kit. the nas have an air box which comes off the throttle body. i pulled that airbox off and directly attached the hks mushroom as a reverse fitting so that cold air is fed directly from the bonnet scoop. the air box had three hoses which i disconnected and covered with etape for temp. i feel like the cars hesitating to put power down compared to the standard airbox. is this due to the hoses? what can i do with those hoses? kayzarh said they wer pcv hoses but i havent a clue what to do with them and if thats the reason im losing power? can someone help? i will post pics tomorow morning when we get some daylight cheers!
  15. So been trying to figure out this problem now...my rear tail light (running light) is out. Replaced the bulb, nothing. Checked with multimeter, 13.35 steady when headlights are on, 0 when ignition off. Left the new bulb in when I went out the other day and checked it when I got back, and the bulb was hot. It's only on 1 side that it's out (right) and the front fog light is also out on the same side of it makes a difference but I'm not overly bothered by that as I am getting fog covers anyway. However my MOT is due at the end of July and I believe the running light being out is a failure...
  16. Hi all! Need some new shock's for the rear of my WRX 03 blobeye! i'm pretty new to the subaru life and need some help on whats good and whats good for the moneys :D Any help welcome, thanks in advance!!
  17. So just out of curiosity, is it ok so you think to buy a used fuel pump? I've seen one for about £40 used, but I'm not sure if it's ok to get it used? Says it was only on for around 2k miles?
  18. What the flip does this flipping flip switch do? Seems to do nothing.. 94 Import WRX
  19. So want to change my green climate change to red. Apparently involves soldering etc. anyone done this before? Anyone with experience want to do mine? I'll pay for shipping and time etc.
  20. Hey People My 2005 blobeye wrx ppp has gone through almost 4L oil in just over 3 months.... No running issues, no smoke, no nocking noise runs good tbh but this oil consumption is not right, anyone got any ideas what could be happening? cheers
  21. Right, so I've a problem with my AVCR (has to be this, only logical step.) Don't know loads about these or how any wiring goes on them, so any help will be much appreciated. Installed new radio, finally went on a little drive with it today going into work since installing and noticed my AVCR wasn't on. Put it down to being super cold at first, but then it never came on and I had a problem reaching full boost, only hitting about .7 bar. I got some video of this luckily. Checked all the vac lines, couldn't find anything loose, no pipes off. So same thing on the way home, but then randomly the AVCR then decides to pop on while I'm driving and boom, full 1 bar boost, all is right in the world (got video of this as well!) I'm guessing I might have a loose connection to the AVCR somewhere, maybe from when I installed the radio, but I have no idea what I'm looking for, or where. Any help? Can't upload the videos as don't have the right file type.
  22. On christmas eve some inconsiderate person decided to drive past me and completly smash my drivers wing mirror. I have a type UK 08 plate WRX STI hatchback in WR Blue. Does anyone know someone who can sort me out with one or the best place to go? Looking for the whole unit and must be type UK with intergrated indicators. As i have already made the mistake of ordering second hand online and reciving the wrong part as i did not know there was a difference between type UK mirrors and euro spec wing mirrors. Thanks again
  23. Hello everyone, My names Steve and I live in Newcastle in England. New to Subaru's and turbos cars in general. I'm looking at buying a used hawk eye STi, but I'm not totally sure on the prices I should be looking at. I've went and saw a clean import (from Singapore (can't drive fast there) but it's not JDM as it's a EJ25. Leads me think it's a Type UK as it also had EU/UK chassis number?), and the dealer is asking for £9k (has a few small mods, exhaust DEFI gauges) Is that reasonable for a dealer for one of these? I don't think it's had the timing belt, tensioner and water pump done either, which I was quoted at £650 from Subaru garage. The car has 81k miles on it and had two owners from new, and the second owner was a garage in Singapore. I've also seen a 04 plate fairly local from another garage for £10k, reflective on the 42k miles it has on it. Just wondering which is the better option as each have pros and cons (tax aka engine size being one). Also is there anything to check for when purchasing other than do a compression check for bad ring lands? Thanks for the help! - Steve
  24. Hi there' huge Subaru fan' - Totally in love with my Bugeye Wrx! I've previously had a classic, 2 Blob eyes and a blob Sti' - I've come to understand there's Only one car for me and it's the Impreza' - I've had the bug since march 16 but I need some help' - been consentrating on external upgrades but I need a map or engine upgrades - I'm running a TD05 turbo and cold air induction, full decat etc - manual boost dial' if I set the boost near 15psi or above its cutting out on full boost' loss of power for like a second then back on - can't be good for the engine so I run low boast until solved but it's frustrating as I'm missing horses! could it be fuel starved if the injectors arnt upgraded? many thanks :)
  25. hi I have just got a 1994 wrx and I noticed orange skum in header tank is this ok ? no over heating or loss of power? can u advise many thanks adrian
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