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Snow Driving


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Hi All,

First major dump of snow has arrived here in Switzerland so my Legacy was in her element getting to work last night and this morning. I was travelling on average at about 100-110kmph last night and I mentioned to my wife that i probably could have gone quicker. I have a Legacy 2.0i with a set of Cooper Snow tyres with plenty of grip still left. I saw alot of skodas and porsches in the overtaking lane doing 120kmph+ and I was wondering if I should be one of them.

The question I have is how much confidence do people here put in the Awd technology in these conditions to drive quicker?? Or do the people err on the side of caution regardless?

Thanks alot in advance for your thoughts.

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Through sheer lack of experience Id drive slower.  Confidence is a different thing all together.  

I've been a passenger in a 4wd Mazda estate in Norway and we definitely did more than 120kph :scared:

Caution keeps you safer is the short answer :smile:

Omg I'm getting old :helpsmilie:

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I think the auto and manual gearboxes behave differently, on my auto (2001 legacy) it feels like the front wheels slip first before the rear wheels kick in.

It gives me confidence in knowing I won't get stuck when pulling away from a stop.

The few times I remember driving in ungritted / gritted motorways with snow in the UK, I'd hate it when hitting the piles of dirty salty slush so I slow down anyway as I would do if there are big dirty puddles! (By the way, car is white, hate it when it's dirty!)

Any car parks/fields etc covered in snow you could have a safe play about in? Then you will get an idea of the grip you have and what effects the pedals/steering has when it starts to slide.

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