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Subaru non turbo 2.0


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i have a 2.0, i bought the car for £500
i have no idea of anything about the vehicle and was wondering if anyone can shed some light for me
subaru impreza 2.0 sport

no paper work with the car of anything so, giving it full new servicing, but before i do it as i will be changing eveything in due time

i would like to know if their are any better, oils, oil filters, fuel filters, brake pads , radiator, i should be looking at, ngk iridium spark plugs?

drop me a message please would like to learn more about i vehicle i drive daily which i have no knowledge about due to the owner having no info for me. thankyou



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Hi. Everyone's opinion will differ on what oils and such but I'd say use millers oil and Mann filters, keep away from supermarket stuff! 

Ngk plugs are a thumbs up. You mention the radiator? Is it leaking? Next thing would be to examin your MOT certificate for advisories that need sorted asap like corroded brake pipes.. 

id also take the back drivers wheel off and remove the plastic cover off the fuel inlet pipe. It accumulates debris behind it and rots the pipe. 

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There was a website where you type in the car reg and it shows some things for free, on some cars I found old mot advisories so you get an idea of the history and when things have been changed.

Guessing for £500 it is one of the classic models, you could do a self diagnostics check by connecting some loose connectors together, even if the check engine light isn't on there could be some codes.

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