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  1. I’ve decided the time is right to try and sell her. I’ve no time to appreciate it now I have two young kids and would like to see it go to a good home. 84500 miles, near enough standard and another set of alloys are getting refurbished. It’s just passed it’s MOT with no advisorys. I won’t take any stupidly low offers as I know what it’s worth. If anyone would like to know more please message me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
  2. Hi, I wouldn’t even like to hazard a guess mate, but you will get a reply in time off someone who knows. 👍
  3. I managed to save mine, they took a few days soaking in WD 40 before they twisted out. I’ve just replaced the top and bottom hoses in mine as mine were perished. New pipes and clamps £60 and it could do with a rad in too. 😫 A labour of love is what they are.
  4. The front tone rings broke on mine when I smashed the bearing off the carrier and the rings were £75 a piece. The rear ones are around £68. To be fair they’d had their day and if one breaks in the future it’s all to strip out again. In my opinion I’d replace them. Both the bolts holding the sensors in snapped too, I had to drill and tap them. I’ll be doing the rear assembly’s this winter which will be another small fortune 😆
  5. Welcome to the club. I haven’t found a manual for a 2000 turbo as yet myself. There are online PDF files you can download and some enthusiasts guides but a lot of what you need can come from forums, video guides and asking the group. Good luck.
  6. She’s finally seen the light of day. Washed and polished ready for a day out.
  7. And that’s how she sits now. Labour of love.
  8. Replaced the front wheel bearings along with new ball joints, trackrod ends, brake backing plates, hub carriers and ABS rings that cost a bomb!
  9. Gearbox out and replaced all the seals and oil plates. It got a new clutch while the box was out too.
  10. Front and back bumpers taken off and new bumper brackets fitted because they were like Swiss cheese, all light brackets replaced and new clips.
  11. No worries, I’ll put on what photos I have. Unfortunately I lost the ones of it looking green a while back. I’ve also done a step by step guide on sorting the dreaded classic scratches on the front windows. I’ll put the photos up later tonight.
  12. It had a scrape down the passenger door and he sprayed it after 6 years and sold it to me. Am working my way slowly through the rust... it’s done 83k and completely standard with original bits sorced from Subaru to replace the rusty ones. Costs a fortune but at least I know it’s being kept original. 👍👍
  13. Mine was 10 miles away and covered in green crud and sap of a tree outside a guys spray booth. It was the tree sap that saved the paintwork. Everything else is getting sorted little by little.
  14. Welcome. They are rare as hens teeth to find an unmolested example, low mileage for reasonable money. 👍
  15. The hubs are back with new wheel bearings pressed in so spent the afternoon putting it all back together with all new parts.