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  1. Rb5 original wheels needed.

    Snap em up quick.
  2. I took out the old dated 6x9s and replaced them with something that looks standard ish... grills for the speakers to cover up the old holes only cost a couple of quid!
  3. Hi. If you go to eurocarparts online and type your registration in the yellow box all parts will come up underneath. The parts will be in certain categories like service parts, brakes, clutch kits etc. I think you’ll find most parts will be the same as the wrx. Good luck.
  4. Yeah get them put on. Gotta love a classic.
  5. What immobiliser is this ? *HELP

    Hope this helps.
  6. Oil leak

    There’s an oil separator plate to the right of the rear crank shaft. The early ones were plastic with Philips screws. The upgrades are metal with hex bolts. The early ones can start leaking over time. You fix one oil leak and another starts...
  7. Help please !!!

    Welcome. That’s unlucky that it came on just after buying it! I’d get the codes read on the ecu. There are so so many things it could be, sensors galor that could put that light on... Just out of interest, is it standard or has it got a few mods on it - ie decat exhaust or uprated air filter?
  8. Rb5 wheels please help

    Anthonydoo looks like he’s selling an rb5 spoiler. See if he’ll sell his wheels. Lol.
  9. Rb5 wheels please help

    Now then, The wheels you want are called speedlines. There’s a few sets on eBay if no one has any. Looks like they all might need painting to be the correct 86F blue steel though... Good luck
  10. I’d message them and ask. You’ll be contacted by someone to settle any outstanding import duties or tax. Have a read about it.
  11. Your right. The import tax will be sky high. Maybe that’s why it’s cheap.
  12. Is this any good? There are more expensive ones on eBay but this was the first I came across..
  13. Early WRX suspension struts

    Cheers. Ill be in touch.
  14. Early WRX suspension struts

    If you still have them in a couple of months could I have them off you?
  15. Re did the paint and the resin coating on my floor mats. Plus fixed the grill clips from previous damage. Labour of love? Or just fussy c*nt..