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  1. This is getting expensive... 2 new ABS rings needed now as they both split while separating the bearings. 😩😖😩😖😩😖
  2. Pulled the front knuckle assembly out ready for new wheel bearings and hubs, ABS bolts snapped both sides and a blackend finger but their out! So might as well do the ball joints, trackrod ends, drop links and new brake backing plates as well. Fortunes spent but still smiling.
  3. Mattb


    Or there’s that one if it’s the next model up.
  4. Mattb


    Hi again. There’s one on eBay for sale now. Have you a photo of which wheel you want?
  5. Message me mate and I’ll sort him. He’ll do the job at my place as I have a garage if it’s raining.
  6. If you can get to tebay one night he’ll do it on his way back from his work. Not a big job he says, you T into the boost pipe and run a live from the ignition. You have all the parts I am guessing?
  7. A few of my work mates are out that way, what model have you got and I’ll ask him if can do it.
  8. I have a mate that works on my classic and he’s a good mechanic. Where abouts in Cumbria are you? Or should i say whesta frey?
  9. Now then. There doesn’t seem to be any dedicated meets for Subaru owners but there’s quite a few classic car meets. Just keep an eye on the local rags, they’re usually advertised in there. A lakes tour next year would be good, seen as though it’s a stones throw away?
  10. Hi. I see this post is nearly a week old but have you sorted it yet? If not I’d check the little leaver on the lock it’s self, (boot lid side) to see if it’s down. Drop the rear seats forward and take a torch with you. The boot side panels don’t fit that well and you will be able to get your finger down the side to see if the leaver has been knocked down. If it is the cable then am afraid it’s front and rear seats out, plastic sill plates out, boot side panels out then trace the cable out and back in with a new one. Good luck.
  11. If it’s driving ok then I can’t see it being drive train related. I may be wrong though. I’d check all the droplink bolts, bushes, control arm, anti roll bar, struts... its really strange that he can move one side and you didn’t have a problem before you took it in?
  12. The smoke would of been condensation in the exhaust. The oil leak could be one of a number of things. If you could get underneath and see whereabouts it’s coming from then put another shout on here and let the lads give you a diagnosis. Cheers.
  13. It looks well. You need some sunny days for a cruise out now.
  14. I don’t think you’ll want these door cards mate. After rattling round my garage for 2 years they aren’t the best.