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  1. Aye you could get the price up with not much effort and expense to be fair.
  2. Hi. I’d put it at £2000 - £2200. If the bodywork was tidied up it might get up to £3000 Immaculate inside and out £4000 Hope this helps. Cheers.
  3. Mattb

    My classic my2000 uk turbo project

    Looking tidy! It did my head in too when I went underneath the car and saw a rusty fan cowling.
  4. Mattb

    Dust cap removal.

    Hi. Your shiny metal caps will be a different metal to your valves so will of corroded together. Squirt them with WD40 a couple of times and try again. The metal of the threads on the valve will go down quite a bit into the rubber so maybe squeeze it with cloth between the teeth on the pliers while you turn the valve cap. Just a question though. I had those type of caps many moons ago and they had tiny locking allen key screws on them...
  5. Mattb

    My classic my2000 uk turbo project

    I have a couple of sets of your interested.
  6. Seems leshit to me.... 😆
  7. I’d weigh up the cost to fix it and make the decision after. Be a shame to have all that work and effort getting the car like it is for it to be scrapped. Crying shame.
  8. That’s s*it. Are you going to buy it back or won’t it be worth it?
  9. Mattb

    Hi all

    Nice to see another classic getting some TLC! Good luck with the project.
  10. Second hand wheels bought and fitted so it’s original. Not bad for £130. Check the photo bomber on the second pic. Cheeky little tyke.
  11. Mattb


    If they are damaged and you need new ones you might need to get them sprayed black as new ones come silver or primed. Unless you find someone who paints them to order. Good luck
  12. Mattb


    Done as in refurbished? They should have unless they damaged them taking them out. I’d ring them to see where they are.
  13. Mattb

    Selling The Black Beast.

    That’s the way to do it!
  14. Hi there .. 

    just wanted some advice re selling a classic . Mine is completely original , high milage as its my daily drive but totally sound other than the lacquer starting to peel in a few places.

    is Autotrader the best , I put it on pistonheads but really want it to go to the right person so not sure what to ask money wise ..

    Thoughts ?


    1. Mattb



      Thanks for seeking my advice, In my opinion after looking at your car is it’s worth about £2500 tops. That’s not an insult to how you’ve kept it at all because it looks like your keeping what’s out of sight in tip top form i.e engine, running gear and brakes. It just looks like the body work that’s letting it down. To get 5k out of it it would need to be immaculate and have about 60k mileage. I’d put it on gumtree or eBay if your desperate to sell it. If it’s too lower price at the min then keep hold of it a bit longer. Prices are rising and you might get a bit more for it.. sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear.. good luck. 

    2. Pete Hofmann

      Pete Hofmann

      Hi Matt 

      thats exactly what I needed to hear and the reason for posting here . The problem is I don't really need to sell it and at that money its probably with keeping just to have some fun .

      TBH I thought if it was going to a good home it might be easier to part with as its been a great car . Maybe I will get the body work done then I will have to keep it !


    3. Mattb


      I would mate. The rear arches look sound so it’s just cosmetic paint work not full body work. Mines original and immaculate now but it’s not took much to get it there, keep it and have some fun. Mines off the road through winter and it’s £142 to tax for a year and £200 to insure! Cheap fun in my opinion considering you can spend £800 on some golf bats and wander round looking like rupet the bear on a Sunday morning when it’s !Removed! of rain?! I know what I’d rather have 😂😝