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Secondary air intake pump question


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Long post alert!!

I have a 06 Impreza with a problem with the secondary air intake pump. I owned the car for 3 months before the engine management light came on. I had a diagnostic done & it shows a problem with the pump. I Initially took my car to a Subaru dealer who ran a diagnostic & said that I needed the pump replacing. After further investigation they said that the pump was working so they replaced a relay which didn't solve the problem. 

It's important to say at this stage that I have a de-cat exhaust & the car has had a full stage 1 remap.

I then decided to take my car to a different local place which specializes in tuning & performance. They said that the pump wasn't working so they have removed everything to do with the pump & I had asked them if they could blank out the pump within the ecu. They are not Subaru specialists & said that I may need a remap to do this & they would investigate things further with another company. 

I thought I would ask on here to see if anybody had the same problem & how it was dealt with.

Thanks in advance :rolleyes:


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I had the same problem,I changed the pump and 18 months later the light came back on, I took the car back to where it was fitted and they checked the pump over and said the pump was OK. So I got it mapped out £60 .I didn't take out the old pump or any pipe work so if you look under the bonnet it still looks standard

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