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Fozzy newbie


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First things first I just wanted to say hi to everyone. ..Hi everyone 

I've had my heart set on a Sg9 Foerster XT  facelift for some time  ..why the Sg9 facelift?  I'm not quite sure beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say ...Ive finally taken the plunge after much searching for hopefully the right car and got myself a nice clean tight well looked after 55 plate ( as hight as you can go before the road tax jump) its has just a tad over 100k on the clock and a fantastic history with most work done by Subaru main dealers . In the last 10k its had a new clutch New cambelt and water pump and new rear suspension. .. I've had the car around 3 weeks now  and I'm absolutely over the moon with it .I had a legacy a good few years ago and that was a good car but this fozzy is another level or 5 above ...I'm not particularly mechanical minded but I'm happy to do what I'm confident doing .I had to change the Xenon light ballast last week it took me 5 hours lol but the main thing is it was successful and nothing damaged ...there's so much  i thought I'd like to do but to be honest im happy with it just being stock at the moment ...i hope y'all like  it as much as i do 



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Sounds good
To be honest I wouldn't do too much to it, subtle changes to rollbars & custom springs can improve handling if mainly used on A roads & motorways.
Custom exhaust helps a lot on turbos, remap with slight boost increase would give good gain of power, brake upgrade and good tyres important before more hp. Be sure service well with frequent engine oil and coolant flushes using quality products, the 2.5 head gaskets will thank you for that.
Great practical and fun cars when take time find a proper clean one, facelift looks okay :-/ i'm more of a SF forester fan but like you say beauty is in eye of beholder . Keep enjoying it ...

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Thanks Mr B it all sounds sound advice... Servicing is something that I'm planning on doing myself from now on The car came serviced but I think I'm going to do again just for piece of mind... What flush treatments do you recommend for my model? also what oil and coolant do you recommend?  And at what mileage intervals do you recommend  doing the oil/coolant . The car is used for the daily commute to and from work  a 8 miles round trip and used for a bit of fun at weekends nothing to stressful my days of launching are well behind me lol but I still enjoy the symptoms of a lead foot occasionally otherwise the XT would be pointless.

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