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Forester STi Timing


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Hi Folks

Been a while since my last post and not alot been happening with the car, no problems but using my pocket to feed its fuel habit (no complaints though). 

Yesterday I finally managed to get some time in the garage to get the timing belt changed, the car had not long hit 84,000 miles and from what ive seen on the forums and from talking to people this seems to be the time to change the belt and give her a service.


So I ordered a full timing belt kit from Import Car Parts (they have a section for the Forester STi Import loads of pages of parts at really good prices that get delivered within a couple days, always been happy with the service and genuine subaru parts every time I have ordered) Dayco belt, all the idlers and the water pump. I also got the timing belt guide from Roger Clark Motorsports for extra peace of mind, Also new oil , blue filter and spark plugs. 

So we took to the garage and got stuck in, out came the fan, radiator, alternator cover, aux belts (A/C etc) timing belt cover that has an unnecessary amount of screws but never mind, to reveal the belt.

This is really the first time I have had anything large out the engine bay so was good to get a look and see  what she had been hiding and I was not disappointed, very happy to see that someone has spent a lot time, money and has put a lot of effort in making sure that the car is solid and to this person I say thanks:biggrin:. There is a huge sump guard  under it so anytime I had a look under you can't see anything without removing it. I found that it has heat wrap on everything, big fancy header pipes, a billion sport aluminium radiator ( japanese sports cooling specialist) with samco hoses and a few other bits (fancy radiator caps etc). What I found even more surprising is that some genius had got little individual belt guide for every pulley no name on part as they were pretty small but it's not something I have came across or heard of before but I like it. IMG_5928.JPGIMG_5931.JPGyou can see the guide above the belt.IMG_5933.JPG

Incredibly footery but worth it in my opinion. So after investigating it was back to getting the new belt on, decided to go for the Dayco belt as I don't plan on ever running big power and if I do ill change it at the time. All the old idlers and water pump looked in good clean condition and may have already been done but there was nothing in my paperwork to show it and no date on the old belt (which was in good condition as well) but at least if I do it i'll know it has been done. It was tricky keeping it in place and the last pulley was a nightmare and anytime you annoyed it, it done a 720 and we had to start again but always worth going back through everything and making sure it hasn't jumped a tooth (which it did 5 times), the last pulley was major wound up and we ended up taking the tensioner and guide roller next to it back off to get the belt on and in the right place the putting them back on, seemed to work easier. Belt on, all new water pump, idlers and guide rollers on and start putting it back to life and refill with coolant, checking everything again and again then fire her back up and pray for no horrible noises and Success:biggrin:.IMG_5934.JPG

decided to leave the oil, filter and plug change for another day as it was snow and far to cold to do anymore but happy I got the belt done and got to see some of the parts I have been wondering about for a while now. 

Ill post when I get them done. 

What have you guys been up to with your cars this winter.






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Beautiful motor you have there  :cool: ...I'd like  a STi forester next the only thing that doesn't work for me is I do a little of roading with shooting so i got the XT but a STI is definitely on my to own list ... I wouldent  dare attempt  a timing belt change ...well done :wink:

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18 hours ago, Kanny said:

Beautiful motor you have there  :cool: ...I'd like  a STi forester next the only thing that doesn't work for me is I do a little of roading with shooting so i got the XT but a STI is definitely on my to own list ... I wouldent  dare attempt  a timing belt change ...well done :wink:

Thanks bud, this is my first scooby. enough room for the kids and dog but still my toy at the weekends. 

I cant recommend the Foz enough, apart from having a fuel habit it is great all round. 

I was abit apprehensive at first about doing the timing belt at home but I have a friend who is a Master tech head mechanic for a local dealer and I can only describe him as a mechanical wizard which was a massive help and saved me a few quid as well. 

Just waiting on more parts coming any day now so will post more tinkering pics soon. 


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