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LHS/RHS Subframe Torque Settings


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hi guys

Hopefully a simple set of answers, can someone please tell me what the torque settings are for the 14mm/17mm bolts that fasten the LHS and RHS  subframe connectors to the subframe and chassis.

I have a Haynes manual but it doesn't seem to include the subframe connectors

There are 5 x 14mm and 3 x 17mm

If it helps info relating to the parts in question can be found in this anti rollbar replacement document I found online

Thanks in advance

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Thanks Mr. B, you sir are a star.

In case others need a quick reference:

Tightening torque taken from page 2170 of the PDF from Mr. B's link:
M12 - 17mm  -: 55 N·m (5.6 kgf-m, 41 ft-lb)
M10 - 14mm -: 71 N·m (7.2 kgf-m, 52 ft-lb)

NB: States that the M12 bolts are wax coated and should be replaced.



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