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DIY Debadging blobeye grill


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Right ive just done mine and had the pics so il pop them on

I am in no way a mechanic im just sharing how i did it

Tools needed

Multi saw or hacksaw

Wet and dry paper

Matt black paint

Large citroen van to build custom paint booth 

Right grill at the start


Turn the grill over and there are 6 - 8 clips that just pull off allowing the mesh to come off then with your prefered cutting method remove the badge section


If done close enough there will be some light sanding required to remove any excess one done it will look like this


Now the underside wont look as good as there will be a gap but you cant see it so who cares

Next you can use plastic filler if you want to remove the small lip at the back but i left it 

Then you need a citroen relay van to build a custom spray booth. This could possible be a shed garage greenhouse what ever u like 😉 lol

Now one all the grill has been rubbed over with some 1500 wet and dry to give it a key you can prime and paint or as i did just paint strait away


One dry refit the grill mesh and put back on the car to get it looking like this20170306_141509.jpg


Easy job only takes a few hours

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