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  1. Xxr 527 18inch 8.75j *SOLD*

    These the concaved ones?
  2. Subaru Impreza wrx 2004 power mods

    I thought 280bhp was pushing abit too much on a standard wrx turbo
  3. Any one up on rodents ... lol

    You would be suprised how common mouse droppings are in lofts as its ideal conditions bieng warm and easy to nest in. Set traps dotted around mate and see what comes up or buy a cat lol
  4. Subaru Impreza wrx 2004 power mods

    Wrxs are limited by the gearbox to the 350bhp mark To boost power you would need a better turbo and injectors along with a remap plus afew bits If you looking for over 300bhp you better off selling and buying an sti as itll be cheaper that the cost of yours plus modding also the sti has a 6 speed box and brembo brakes to name afew inprovements
  5. Cherished Number Plate W44 SUB

    The W could stand for winter as 4wd is needed in winter or maybe sell it to someone called Walter whos 44 drivin a subaru @Piggysniffer
  6. Any one up on rodents ... lol

    Deffo a small rat. My guess they living in loft or under floorboards.if you have a hot water cylinder look around there for any signs as they nest there as its warm. Im a gas engineer so seen if a few times lol
  7. Speedbump heights?

    Sheffield mate
  8. Is there some law on the height of those square speedbumps? Admittedly my car is lowered but for 6 months its been fine over any bumps but today ive been somewhere diffrent and i had to drive over what can only be described as mount everest on steroids The result
  9. Impreza Plate for Sale

    @Piggysniffer Would suit urs this mate and older plate so not issues transfering
  10. Decals

    And a partridge in a pear treee 🤓
  11. R999wrc

  12. How much should I be selling my car for?

    Ive got 2 grand if u want rid 😁 @cornish6544
  13. HawkSTI's errrrrm hawk sti

    I cant believe me and chris evans agree on something 😉😙
  14. Newbie from ramsgate

    Welcome to the club mate 🙊
  15. So......

    Cant belive no one has mentioned that ladies underwear will drop wen u roll by lol Also you will be the envy of every corsa cherry bomb driver And you will get to know ur neighbours more as they will be round all the time lol Jokes aside on a scoob mate a 3" system is a must mines a 3" turbo back with no cats or resinator and i cant even hear the drive through lady at mcdonalds on tickover lol