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heater matrix replacement


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Next question ... about two years ago my old forester blew its head gasket...( a whole other story about sorting it , but watch this space.)

all sorted and running well but after a few months the interior heating radiator sprang a leak ... footwells full of water and all the associated problems.

two years of no heating and no demisting, but not a big issue as I don't live in freezing conditions not such a big deal... but finally i am going to tackle it.

But  where to start   ! I cant find a single starting point and the chiltons manual conveniently  doesn't mention it at all

Anyone done this job ?  any tips before I start ripping out acres of dash board plastic and scary airbags and not a screw or  fixing  in sight. I really don't want to start jemmying bits off just to find its not tyere after all...

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If this an SF model it not really that bad besides time consuming.

get yourself a plastic trim removal tool set and a metal v tipped screwdriver style clip/prybar if not got anything already and get stuck in Airbags are no real hassle, just extra plugs disconnect but nothing worry about a no chance of going off or anything.

Bulk of dash comes off in one piece then dash tube bar can be disconnected fully core side and loosened the other to give easy removal working space, it just a lot of clips and screws so have a few small containers so can group them to particular areas for easier assembly .

Areas to start is steering wheel removal and clocks, centre console, glovebox and small trim.
If give model year I will link you factory service manual diagrams which will help locate fitting points clips and general part overlay etc .


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