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Accessories for brand new XV


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On Saturday I bought a brand new XV in Dark Blue Metallic (wanted the Grey but its nolonger available).

As the optional extras are all fitted by the local garage, I am trying to decide what to have/what is necessary.

I see from a few posts that people are saying to have the cargo resin panel. What about the Boot flap?

Are the side trims worth the money?

Any advice greatly appreciated


Avalon AB





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The boot trim that protects the paint to the top of the bumper is a must. 

I have stoneguard on the bonnet which changes the face of the car nicely. Most of the other trim stuff is just guff though. Some say they window trims are nice. 

Blacking the chrome which cost me a tenner was about the best cosmetic mod I did. And a couple of stick on vinyl badges finished it off.

just got to go with what takes your fancy really. 

Anyway this is mine. Too pocture is before it was dechromed.



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