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Hi all,

I'm a new member, I've coveted the impreza for years but have never been able to get one. I did make a purchase years ago for my future impreza but as I'm now fairly sure that it'll never come to fruition I've joined here in order to hopefully let someone take it off my hands.

Really sorry to basically admit that I'm only joining to make a sale but I'm hopeful I will be forgiven for allowing the number go onto the car it deserves rather than me simply keeping it on retention.

I always wanted to get a full rally spec, with all livery and was still a young(ish) dreamer when I bought the plate. I'll do things properly (other than joining a forum simply to sell a plate) and post the full details up in the for sale section.

Sorry again.


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Top tip 


If your selling a reg plate its a good idea to state what the plate says

Also if its some badly spelt word that legally spaced has no resemblence to the word intended id suggest not replying as its funny how alot of new members joining recently that happen to be selling a pathetic attempt at a subaru reg plate

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