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Have owned my Forester for over a year now.  Use it every day as my work van.  The rear suspension is sagging under the weight in the back.  New rear shocks and brakes fitted in January during MOT and service as it bangs a bit when flying over speed bumps and pot holes.  The new bits didn't make much difference, it still looks lower at the back and still crashes over speedbumps.  Looking at upgading the rear to be more supportive.  I don't like slowing down for speed bumps, hense the name.

Anyway, I'd like a retractable boot cover as mine is missing and the wife wants a proper fitted ashtray.  Some of us like to smoke.

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Hello, I have a load cover and ashtray available, what year is your car ?

The shocks at the rear are probably the wrong spring rate if it still sags, you can get spring assisted to put inbetween the could to help but the only way to really rectify this is with new stiffer springs, (I also have 4 shocks springs and top mounts for sale 😉


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