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2004 Subaru Impreza WRX PPP


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I have for sale my Subaru Impreza it has the 2.0 turbo boxer  engine and has the prodrive performance pack fitted so has up rated performance and a lot of go.
With the prodrive performance pack this car is supposed to have 265BHP but have the ride of an everyday modern car. 
I've been using it as my daily drive since I have had it and never missed a beat. The engine sounds as it should and pulls effortlessly. It has been a joy to own it copes fine and is comfy driving in the daytime traffic to work and as soon as you get some open road you can enjoy the brilliantly designed boxer engine and handling of a world known performance car.
As this has the prodriveperformance pack is has the power to keep up with the STI models but is a lot more comfy as a daily drive than a STI.
Had plenty of work done since I have owned it and has a folder of different receipts.
Since i have owned the car it has only been ran on Shell V-power.
Below is work that I have carried out since I have owned the vehicle;
Completely Under sealed 2-2-2017
Fitted a brand new alternator on 6-2-2017
Oil and filter change and fuel filter 32-1-2017 at 88845 miles
Strip down gear linkage and fit all new bushes and knuckle 12-11-2016
New tensioner pulley for air con belt 12-11-2016
New thermostat and coolant change 12-11-2016
New radiator cap and header tank cap 11-11-2016
Air-con Radiator 11-11-2016
Weld in new radiator support lower panel 05-11-2016
Fit a Forge dump Valve and K&N panel air filter 05-11-2016
New Auxiliary Belt 04-11-2016 
Fresh MOT just done end of march, now has 12 month MOT with no advisories
Contact me through eBay or Contact me By text anytime or call after 6 on 07940274046 
Cash on collection


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