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Immobiliser problem


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Hi guys,


Getting a bit of an omen with this car....


Started up and drove down the road to work car park. Locked and unlocked a few times in about 15 mins as I was loading stuff in. Got in, went to start- nothing. Wouldn't turn at all.

Recovery guy came out. Started car with 2nd ignition on and bridging the "exciter" connector with the live to the starter motor. Managed to get home fine.

Alarm and everything else works fine as should.

Subaru dealership have said it sounds like an alarm problem, it'll take up to 2 weeks to get parts after testing if it is that and will cost between 8-900 quid to do!!


Does anyone know anything or anyone that can help or replace with a different immobiliser or anything at all please?!!?




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Have you had a read though this ?




900 quid is taking the ****, I'd just get another cat1 alarm installed Clifford or something similar for 200 quid ish and they will rip the old one out for nothing


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