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Windscreen trim


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right so soon i will be removing both front and rear windscreens, theres a couple reasons why, one being theres a bit of rust developing along where the roof meets the windscreens and more importantly the front windscreen is actually coming away from the bonding agent (I believe just a cheap crap job done on a previous replacement) so before it decides to fall out im going to attend to it. The issue is i cant find the rubber trims that are at the top of both front and back windows. Im sure this might be a part you can only get if you buy a windscreen too. I reckon with a bit of delicacy and taking it slowly i could cut out the glass without cutting through the exposed rubber so i could just stuff a load of the new glass bonding agent at the top and maybe bond it back into place that way as i would of cut through it at the lower points were it will sit on top/around the glass. I don't particularly want to do a bodge job on it but if it will work fine doing it that way then i will have to bight the bullet and do it or if any of you friendly lot know where to get these that would be great, my closest Subaru dealer is 1.5 hour drive each way so if i could avoid 3 hours of driving for 2 bits of rubber that would be ideal and im not sure they would do it.

This wont be my first time fitting a windscreen, done a large number of truck windscreens back a few years ago when i was an apprentice H.G.V. mechanic but you never had to salvage the rubber trims, just remove and replace.





(I don't often buy cars but when i do, i make sure there rust buckets)

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We have a mobile fitter com round and take the glass out, then when works done, they come back and glue it in for £50 

maybe that would be a better option ?

to ring round a few to see if they would and how much

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