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Model Year BHP Query


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been looking at various parts for my car recently and in some circumstances it seems a bit confusing as to what model/year/BHP my car is supposed to be.

Hoping that one of you knowledgeable guys can help me out.

The car is a November 2004 (54) Forester 2.5XT.

From the first part of the VIN


Which I understand to mean.

  • JF1 = Passenger car, Fujitsu Heavy Industries
  • SG9
    • S = Forester
    • G = Wagon
    • 9 = Displacement 2.5L AWD
  • KD3
    • K = Steering position = Right hand drive
    • D = Engine and transmission = DOHC turbo Full-time AWD 5-speed MT
    • 3 = Drive = Full-time AWD Single range
  • G
    • G = Model year = 2005MY

Engine type:

  • EJ255

Based on the above is the car and early 230 hp or a late 211 hp engine/car?

When looking for parts, what should I be stating?

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Should be 230bhp on yours,


When looking for parts 90% of sg parts will be the right ones, if unsure email your reg no to the supplier, and alot of the impreza stuff of the same year fits too 🖒

Impirt car parts are always good on the phone if you get stuck


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