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Temperature gauge acting funny.


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Hey guys. 

So I was driving, and my temperature gauge started to climb up. Climbed up over the highest and then dropped back to normal. 

It's been doing this all day today, I've been pondering what it could be, checking for oil in the coolant and visa versa but everything seems fine. Doesn't sound any different or go any different.

Any ideas? I've read some pretty scary stories about head gaskets and things and I'm praying it's not anything like that.

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Thanks stants,

A lovely day in the sunshine changing the thermostat has seemed to have fixed it.

Thanking my lucky stars its worked because  was quoted  £1500 plus VAT to do the head gaskets.

Now just to put all the undertray back on

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Good news mate ! Least it was a simple fix,

If the worst happens don't bother with just having the heads replaced spend a bit more and get it totally rebuilt as the big end bearings tend to sustain a damage due to being pinched


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