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JDM Subaru Legacy 2.0 Twinscroll Insurance

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I'm looking into getting a Subaru Legacy Japanese import (2006 Si Drive), but I have no idea what to expect with the insurance. I'm 20 so insurance is still a bit silly, and as it's a 280hp, twin turbo, Jap import, I have no idea what to expect. I have found a Legacy with a UK plate online (2005 - Not quite the car I was looking at) and by using MoneySuperMarket.com, it seems surprisingly reasonable with everything answered as honest as possible. 

I would just call and get an actual price but they all sell before they arrive and get registered. They all get reserved before they leave the dock. 


How much is everyone paying roughly, with age being the main concern. 





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Some members are paying silly money 2k upwards + for turbo impreza's in their 20's.


How long have you had your licence & any previous experience of 'performance' motors ?

I'd get a quote off places like Adrian flux, sky, Keith Michaels, Mark Richards who deal with imports and weigh up your options,

Legacies aren't as desirable to car thieves but because it's turbo'd and an import they may just laughyou off the phone,


Imports are generally in higher groups too, my foz turbo was up in group 37 iirc but a UK car was 32.



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