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Bast**rd Egg


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Some little low life no good for society scum bag had egged my car, 

now i have removed the egg best i can with what i have got, it has left its mark on the paint work 

i need something more to give it a good cleaning, is a clay cloth good? with some scratch remover? im pretty clueless with this type of stuff

P*ssed off


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Buy some Virusol off eBay, Its amazing stuff.

I put some neat in a spray bottle, use some rubber gloves and dont get it in your face or breathe it in. Spray it over a panel then use a sponge and some clean water (not too much, you will figure it out), once the whole car is washed then dry it and polish it, then wax it. It will gleam like never before :cool:

I seriously cant rate this stuff enough and it is so cheap! It is a citrus based chemical degreaser, it will eat through all the dirt and grime and baked on crap, and egg, to take you back to paint. then the polish will make the paint shine and wax protect it. 100% carnauba wax is what i use and love it. There are other waxes but this is what i stuck with.


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