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Do 2011 Forester Diesels have a revised Crankshaft

Forester Gump

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by gen 5 engines they had at least 3 crankshaft revisions and about same for short blocks, part of problem actually is the block flex at main bearing points stressing crank .

Is a lot to go wrong on the EE20 diesels not just cank failure, clutch/dmf, diesel injector issues and heater plugs, DPF issues .

Only consider a diesel if doing lot of long mileage journeys and get reasonable saving per annum on the fuel.

Anything in between and petrol Ej20 engines pay you back over diesel in no hassle low maintenance and faithful sweet running .


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But are there less cases on 2011 cars as searching on reg shows it as a euro 4 engine so was not sure how to know if the crankshaft issue was partially resolved when this was built.

I do decent miles and have diesels for nearly 15 years now without any DPF issues. So I am aware they need to be driven let regeneratio complete etc.(never had a dpf light).

Just fancy a decent 4x4 and the Forester has caught my eye.

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it's much better proposition than a 2008-2009 but still risks of highly expensive problems.

They are great cars and interesting diesel drive but if can't handle a potential big bill maybe reconsider .
A lot also depends on how great a deal your 2011 is to start with, between EE20 phobia from known problem areas and government harassment of diesels the price needs reflect it .

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Yeh but on the EE20 the gamble seems a little higher, 2008 to 2009 seem worse and amount I seen with engine failure, clutch failure and awkward deal with injector learning issues, dead and seized heat plugs or dpf regen issues is quite alarming.
within 100miles of me I could probably pick up 3 used forester diesel non runners by saturday midday (seen 2 advertised for last 6 weeks). They almost as bad as a french car lol .
euro 5 onwards things improve, 2011 is major step forward for ee20 but still not subarus usual bullet proof engineering .
Just go into a subaru diesel purchase eyes wide open and buying best you can with at least 2 test drives and diagnostic reading of regen counter, dealer record check etc and for realistic money .


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