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1 button Remote key issue


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2004 Forester XN with an on going key issue, I got the old key repaired and now it's stopped working again, so I'm wanting to replace the Lock/Unlock with a Sigma alarm fob, the no's on the key are C0J12 CE0891 serial no 00000, I'm sure it's an M30 alarm, could someone more knowledgeable than I have a look on eBay and link the correct Sigma fob for me, there's a few on there but I'm not confident that I'm looking at the correct fob as some are coming up with BMW and other makes so I'm just not sure (the car starts and runs fine, so transponder is fine) it will purely be as a back up to my original key (working well without issue), I just don't like having only 1 key just in case something daft happens.

My thanks in advance guys.

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second thing want do is keep eye on single button subaru keyfob and swap the board and any other better parts onto your keyfob then you have proper working keyfob and a spare remote fob all for little expense.

refer to other post you done on fob issues for the pdf on fob programing ...

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