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Stereo died after battery change!


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Hi all, sorry if this is mentioned anywhere but a search proved fruitless.


My Battery recently decided to die on me, in the latest freezing weather of course. My brother is a mechanic and saved the day by installing a new Battery, so all is well there. However the Stereo is no longer working.


When I say not working, it basically does not switch on, or light anything but randomnly the screen will flash on then off. Is it buggered? I wonder if it CAN be a fuse as clearly power is it getting to it, if not just to flash the screen every few seconds.


Any ideas?

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Firstly, does your radio have an anti-theft feature? I think if it does it will have gone off when Battery power was removed. You'd have to re enter code for it to work again. However if it is flashing, it may not be that.

Worse case: Did your brother Jump start it at all? Sometimes, the radio and other electrics can get fried but only if jump start wasn't right.

If you’re lucky, it might just be a fuse :)

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Hi Eloise, it wasn’t jump started, basically the old Battery was replaced with a new. Sadly there’s no way to enter any code, just a blank screen that randomly lights up (blank still, just bright) every few seconds. It isn’t to a pattern, just randomn. I’ll check the fuses but is it possible a new Battery can surge it and essentially fry it?


i don’t miss music such, but the reverse camera I do miss!

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What year is your car?

Did your brother apply 12 volt power to the vehicle whilst changing Battery

Was your radio switched off completely before car was turned off/failed to start?

Yes I believe it's possible the spark that occurs when a new Battery is installed can cause a power surge. 

Have you checked fuses to see if any have blown?

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Hi Eloise an thanks again for your time. I wasn’t present when the Battery was changed so can’t say if the Stereo was completely off or not. I haven’t checked fuses yet as I work during the week so am waving or weekend and daylight 😃


another peculiar thing i noticed today was if I take the sat nav sd card it suddenly wakes up with a message on screen saying it’s loading please insert card. Perhaps there is an sd card for booting it up? I’ll try to attach a pic. I can’t upload video it seems so imagine a blank screen, randomly flashing whiteish then when I take the card out this message appears (pic attached)



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It's not fried then. Neither does it seem to be a fuse..

Which leads me to believe its either anti theft or its un paired from car when Battery was disconnected. Have you tried repairing it to your cars VIN. If you crack open owners manual it may tell you how to do this?

I don't believe there will be a separate SD for booting up but I could be wrong.

I hope someone else weighs in as I'm running out of ideas! The fact its working is good news, seems like it's something silly with electrics. Try and look at owners manual at how to reset it :)

Sorry can't be of much more help! Still learning myself. 

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No need to apologise, I appreciate the input. I’m going to investigate the manual and all possibilities in the weekend when I have all,day to do it, and more to the point some daylight. I will update accordingly, but if anyone else wants to chip in please do!

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