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  1. Eloise

    Selling The Black Beast.

    Thanks! Think I'll do just that and keep it! Unfortunately I was born with the lead, no matter what I try I cant get it out. Had a little chat and fella agreed that it could be worse! I think because I took him to look at some replacements, XJ 5L V8 supercharged and zzr1400. Did the trick 👍
  2. Eloise

    Selling The Black Beast.

    To be honest I'm unsure as to what I'd let it go for as its a reluctant sale. Bought for 5450 + around 1600 works. I agree! Exactly why I bought it. Thought it the perfect compromise for family car and fun. But my fella doesn't agree. I've come close to loosing my license/life a couple of times and he's all in a huff. Says I need a slow car 👍
  3. Having to sell my baby because of kids and family life. Should have stayed single. 2L forester xsport. Rare. Custom remap, de cat, straight through exhaust. All work done at Scooby clinic. Fanatsic lads and work. Message me for more info I guess :(
  4. Eloise

    Didn't get my 15%

    Yeah it's pretty damn good! :)
  5. Eloise

    Forester Cross Sports 2.0T Auto

    Fear not. I have one now. And I can tell you, the 0-60 is not yet something I've checked.
  6. I may have spun out in my forester and I may have f***ed alloy and tyres. No actual damage to steering ect though because I'm a lucky gal. Recently had front near side changed to Bridgestone Turanza and planned to swap all rest to match end of Jan as they had maybe 2000 miles left and I do about 17,000 per year. However because of this incident I quickly rushed to get new tyres, (probably more psychological than actual need) They only had falken so they put on ZE914. I wasn't expecting that to be honest. Are these any good for our roads? I'd heard they were made for Australian roads. No idea if that's accurate or not.
  7. Eloise

    Final Edition

    Personally I wouldn't touch :) But yeah standard remap about £400 will make difference like D stated. But if you are going to do it then personally suggest driving as it a few months to notice the difference :)
  8. Eloise


    Do you mean where to buy or where to fit?
  9. Eloise

    Merry Christmas :)

    Happy holidays and best wishes for next year. May it be loud and fast :)
  10. I'm keeping mine and claiming ignorance! "I had no idea it was a flare officer! I'm appauled any manufacturer would put a dangerous explosive in a car. I'm just a harmless woman you see. I know nothing about this car,I was sold this car under false pretenses! I asked for a family car!"
  11. Found a GReddy full auto timer under steering, quite pleased! Then found a couple of other things and I'm not sure what they are.. Anyone have any ideas? Pictures attached..
  12. Middlesbrough. Almost didn't get it because there was a lot better out there. But felt sorry for the car, and what I saved on price will go towards maintenance.
  13. Eloise

    1.5R hatchback

    What he said buy skip the 2.0 na. :P Welcome and good luck :)
  14. That's in the key.. I will take a proper look at car this weekend with a friend. See what's going on. Don't want my insurance void!
  15. Eloise

    Stereo died after battery change!

    Hmmmm.... It's not fried then. Neither does it seem to be a fuse.. Which leads me to believe its either anti theft or its un paired from car when battery was disconnected. Have you tried repairing it to your cars VIN. If you crack open owners manual it may tell you how to do this? I don't believe there will be a separate SD for booting up but I could be wrong. I hope someone else weighs in as I'm running out of ideas! The fact its working is good news, seems like it's something silly with electrics. Try and look at owners manual at how to reset it :) Sorry can't be of much more help! Still learning myself.