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Hi all,

Had my Impreza R Sport for about 6 months - the exhaust is aftermarket and fitted poorly. It's causing me all sorts of problems, so wish to get it replaced. 

Full car details - 
Reg - BT56 VVY
Date of first registration - 18/12/2006
Body Shape - 4 door saloon
Number of doors - 4
Max net power - 118KW
CC - 1994 
CAT - yes
Fuel - petrol 
VIN number - JF1GD9KF36G052455

If anyone stumbles upon or can point me to a place that would carry the parts for my model that would be awesome! I've been scouring the internet and been to a number of dealers with no luck. I even went down the route of a fabrication. 

There are some on eBay but the sellers cannot confirm 100%!!!!! A full exhaust would be ideal at a good price. I can't afford what Subaru or fabricators have quoted me. On top of the fact it needs a new O2 sensor and throttle body (another part i'm on the hunt for).


Really looking forward to getting this car running properly - hope you can help.


Many thanks


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