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  1. Hi everyone, Hoping for some wisdom regarding the above. I'm helping a friend (who isn't really a car person) to fix his 2001 Subaru Outback 2.5. We've ascertained that it needs a new lambda sensor, but I'm struggling to find a replacement. I can see there are two sensors going into the section of the exhaust that contains two catalytic converters. There is one that goes in end-on, and seems to run pre-cat. And there's one that goes in from the top, after the first cat. It's this one that is the issue - the car hesitates and splutters a lot, and won't rev, unless you unplug that sensor. My confusion relates to the following... The sensor that needs to be replaced is a four-wire sensor, but when I look on eBay for matching parts I only get three-wire sensors come back. What's all that about? Does anyone know what other sensors (i.e. from other cars) are a match, technically? I found one intended for various Fords and Volvos that looks identical apart from the plug. The only Subaru sensor I could find that has the right connector is this one - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142804741377 - but that is not listed as matching this car, and is also described as a front sensor - presume ours is a rear sensor? I'll try and add some pics here so you can see what we've got. I'm pretty certain it's original as it was a one-owner car from an old couple, and doesn't seem to have been fiddled with. Would be very grateful for any advice you can offer!
  2. I saw this video comparing most Subaru Impreza exhaust but still cannot decide. Any tips on the best Subaru Impreza exhaust? hp? sound? I would appreciate hearing from those that already upgraded their exhaust.
  3. Hi all just had a new up pipe fitted to my gb270 as my other had a leak now this one has been fitted something (up pipe/down pipe) is catching on the steering knuckle when turning and making an awful sound when turning mainly left, anyone any ideas
  4. Pretty much brand new, just installed recently. I’m selling because my neighbors keep complaining that it’s too loud. This is the one with an angled exit, and a 3” bore. Includes an adaptor to mate with standard 2.5” bore mid-pipe. asking £200 (Includes shipping cost) or best offer. Using a stock photofrom scoobyworld but I can provide actual pictures upon request.
  5. i have a custom cat back on my forester. have had it just under a year. love the sound, however I'm wanting to downsize the tailpipe. its a 4.5" tail with 2.5" piping. i find it a bit too big, but also dont like that i can see the cone shape reduction on the outside of the pipe. 2 questions. i would like something more functional/rally looking, like group A wrx rally car. (less shiny, more raw looking lol) is it possible to just use exhaust piping as a tail pipe? also it is possible to have a back box that has a 2.5 inlet, with a 3" outlet to avoid a noticeable reduction in the pipe? cheers
  6. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the centre pipe on a non turbo 1.5 is the same as any other impress such as a n/a 2.0 etc? The centre pipe I have has a flat silencer on it which I'm looking to replace, the pipe is 1.35m long.
  7. Guys, after emailing every custom exhaust company in Cornwall and Devon I think I have a way forward. I was however wondering if anyone can recommended brands of custom made exhausts (parts) which they have a good knowledge of. I ask this as I know what I'm going to make now, however, I have read loads of threads on here and several different brands have been mentioned. I have the unequal headers sorted, however can anyone recommend a decent high flow cat brand? I have seen Magnaflow high flow cats at a very decent price (200 CPI). Milltek don't seem to have a high flow cat which isn't build into a down pipe so sadly is a no go. Should I be considering any other brands? Secondly can anyone recommended a decent back box, as ATM I have a prodrive on it. I'm going for offensive noise if I'm honest so any thoughts again would be greatly received, I'm going to do a full write up soon as its fitted which will hopefully aid people in the future attempting the R-Sport unequal header pathway. Regards, Rich.
  8. Team after selling my impreza back in 2015 I have returned to the fold. I now have an R sport 2.0L non turbo hawkeye model year 07. It sadly curentnly only has an equal manifold on it, I have the parts in mind to change this situation, however I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent custom exhaust fitter within Cornwall or Devon. I'm aware of the problem adding an unequal header can cause as I don't want to throw any ECU lights up so it may also need a remap. Any advice would be great fully received. Regards Rich.
  9. Any used parts for this car to make it look and sound better?
  10. So i've been doing a lot of looking around and there seems to be a general thought that the removal of the back box on a Diesel makes sod all diference to the sound. I thought I'd try it out and see if it made any difference. Its only two bolts, it will take 20 mins I thought, well of course one of the bolts snapped in the flange, so it suddenly became a bit more of a pain in the ... rear. when you need bolt extractors, stud extractors, an impact gun and a breaker bar, its not been a sucessful day! In general i'd say there is very little difference. Driving around I couldn't notice a change until above around 3,000 rpm, which to be honest I rarely go above unless i'm in a rush. Above 3,000 rpm there was a louder "wooshing" sound, which I think might have been due to the exhaust pointing straight into the boot space. Anyway, Here is a video and you can decide for yourselves. https://youtu.be/yVaOEn4lNZ8 I've put it back on due to the direction the exhaust points, but might see if I can get a couple bends of pipe and delete it permenantly. The back box weighs 9.5Kg if anyone is bothered.
  11. Hi. I've recently bought a very nice Subaru Outback 2.5SE. Car is a 2005 model. Lovely condition. At some point in the past, the back box on one side has been replaced and I now have one round tailpipe and one oval!!! Does anyone know if the tailpipe should be round or oval??
  12. Hey, so i picked up my first ever Subaru today and I really want to get a nice exhaust system for it but don't want anything that will drone to much when on the motorway as this will be my daily. I have a Impreza 2008 2.0L R single pipe and want to know if you guys can suggest any nice sounding system? Ideally I'd like to keep it under £700 thanks!!!! Ghoshy
  13. Hi all, Had my Impreza R Sport for about 6 months - the exhaust is aftermarket and fitted poorly. It's causing me all sorts of problems, so wish to get it replaced. Full car details - Reg - BT56 VVYDate of first registration - 18/12/2006Body Shape - 4 door saloonNumber of doors - 4Max net power - 118KWCC - 1994 CAT - yesFuel - petrol VIN number - JF1GD9KF36G052455 If anyone stumbles upon or can point me to a place that would carry the parts for my model that would be awesome! I've been scouring the internet and been to a number of dealers with no luck. I even went down the route of a fabrication. There are some on ebay but the sellers cannot confirm 100%!!!!! A full exhaust would be ideal at a good price. I can't afford what Subaru or fabricators have quoted me. On top of the fact it needs a new O2 sensor and throttle body (another part i'm on the hunt for). Really looking forward to getting this car running properly - hope you can help. Many thanks
  14. Hi all, a nice cat-back Milltek exhaust for 2014 - on (Subaru WRX STI) for sell, it has only used about 5000 miles from new, no rust no any damage. price for this is £600, (£1330 from new). The location for collection will be at Newark on Trent. any questions please contact me. email: 1014337318@qq.com thanks!
  15. Believe it's a Mitsubo, but could be a Fujitsubo, cat back exhaust. Came on my import 2006 Subaru STi. I love this exhaust and it's sound is great to be honest, but it's a 2.5" at the flange that tapers up to a 3" so it'll fit up with a stock catalytic converter no problem. I'm selling as I wanted a 3" system to go with my downpipe which is also 3". Anyway, it's used obviously and has been scraped slightly along the backbox section, along with it being dented. However I had no idea that was there until I pulled it as it's not noticeable when looking at it from normal height and there's no leaks or anything (just passed MOT last month). I have a video of a cold start with a rev or two (it's windy though) if anyone is interesting in seeing it. Asking £200 ONO, willing to ship if buyer pays any PayPal fees/shipping costs (£40 roughly I believe). Many thanks, any questions, feel free to ask 😊
  16. Im currently returning my 97 Turbo 2000 complately back to stock (bit of a purist), I recieved the stock exhaust backbox the other day and I'm having second thoughts on replacing it. This is my first turbo scooby so I've never noticed any difference exhausts can make. I'm not interested in the noise, just if there will be any noticable power loss. I've attached a picture of the backbox that came with the car, I don't know if it is genuine STI or not, the box itself looks identical to the stock one but the tip is wider and single exit. Will I notice a difference? Cheers
  17. So as the title states, I'm debating on selling my Mitsubo cat back exhaust so I can do a full decat 3". It's currently on the car (2006 STi), and it's in very, very, good condition. It sounds very nice I think as well if I'm honest, and I wouldn't be selling it if I wasn't planning on going for 3" all the way through. It's got resonators on it as well so it's not ridiculously loud, but still gives a nice growl. I believe it's all one long piece and it tapers down from 3" to 2.5" at the flange for the cat, so it'll connect up nicely to the stock cat. Tailpipe measures at 4.5", and I'll grab a few more photos of it tomorrow during the daylight. Collection from Newcastle area preferable, but can post at buyers expense (£40 or so at a guess?) £175 OBO
  18. Hi All, New 54 reg wrx owner. The car is purely standard apart from the pioneer double set. My aim is to get close to 300 - safely. Even 275 would be nice. want it to be my love until i one day have enough shillings for a sti (light years away) Where do i start? without selling my house, soul and body - which order do i go? And any good names in the east midlands? (Leicester) P.s if anyone local is selling a rear sti boot wing/spoiler, link me. Peace and lurv. jay
  19. Hi all, new to the forum - I've just purchased a lovely 2010 WRX-S and my first impressions are fantastic. The Impreza has been a car I've always wanted but never gone and bought until now and I wish i'd done it sooner! The car is standard however features the pro-drive modifications including exhaust/ map/ styling, my only 'issue' is that the exhaust is too quiet. I'm not after a loud exhaust at all however I want a replacement back box that gives a very slightly louder burble and rumble. Any suggestions on good back boxes that are not loud/ intrusive but sound nice compared to standard ones? Thanks! - Matt
  20. Car went for its "special" mot the other day passed everything fine but my guy tells me the exhaust was blowing which i have noticed but he investigated further and said my up pipe isn't working how it should. Now i have a decatted exhaust and downpipe which are both only a year old so the up pipe could be pretty old now and I'm pretty sure it is still standard. He says this will be affecting the power of my car quite a lot and it does seem to lag on the boost. Any advice of what brand to go for and best upgrade for power?
  21. Hi all, I'm a newbie to the Subaru fold having bought a new Forester diesel last Sep (previously been a VAG group owner of some years). I think it is a great car and am very impressed BUT we have now had our second split in the exhaust system in less than a year. Both pipes have been replaced no quibbles but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. The splits have both been in the RH branch of the exhaust (before the two halves join) I gather at the flange welds. We are off to Europe for a month shortly and I have been told the pipes are an aluminium alloy (making them difficult to weld if we have a problem) so I'm hoping we've just been unlucky rather than there being a manufacturing fault. On top of the glowplug problems we had early on this has kind of shaken my confidence in the car a bit. Any thoughts anyone?
  22. Hello I'm shortly to acquire a 2004 legacy 3.0 auto saloon from my mum who is giving up driving at the age of 85. My dad had the car from about 6 months old but he died a few years back. It needs a new exhaust urgently but I don't want a noisy one and she's been quoted around £1200 for a Subaru one. I've seen that there are much cheaper after market ones e.g. Gerlach but they only seem to be for the estate models. Does anyone know a good place to get either a cheaper steel one for this car or a quiet stainless one? The car is currently in North Yorkshire near Skipton. I plan to keep it for many years, less than 50k on the clock at present but I'm a bit intimidated by the likely fuel consumption...is converting to lpg or to a manual gearbox a sensible consideration?
  23. I have 2006 NA Hawkeye Sport Wagon GG9, I'm looking for SS back box, will a turbo version of the same year fit? There are loads on eBay listed as, among other things - as coming off; Classic, Blobeye, WRX (no year given) or Prodrive, or just "came off impreza" Aww bless um, but nothing listed for a non turbo version, as usual - any advise very welcome - cheers
  24. Hello guys, not a current Subby owner but potentially one in the near future :) The exact Impreza I am looking at is a 2007 RX wagon with 46,000 miles, it's being let go for £1800 due to being a cat D with former rear damage. So currently waiting to turn 20 and get some no claims for insurance haha I have a quick question, what sort of headers are on RX, equal length or unequal length? If it's EL headers, I was looking at aftermarket UEL ones, although every single one seems to be compatoble only wih 97-05 models, although all of them have an EJ20 engine if I am not wrong? Sorry for newbish questions, I am new to the Subby world :)
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