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Low battery voltage effects


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Wow, you certainly get some strange effects when the Battery voltage is low - hazards flashing, security lights going on and off and siren sounding depending on what you do. I'm not sure any of it is helpful in allowing you to concentrate on working out what the problem is.

Original problem was being locked out so I had to use the key to get in and then only the driver's door would unlock (even from the inside). The dashboard lit up as usual (so low voltage was not high on my list of suspects) but the car wouldn't start. As I'd had a mystery electronic problem before, I thought it was the return of that so I thought I'd disconnect the Battery and 'reset' the system. Achieved nothing apart from the siren going off when I reconnected it.

Turned out to be a Battery nearly at the end of it's life, not helped by an interior light being left on for a day.

Fitted a new Yuasa HSB005 with a cold crank of 550A - it's expensive but it's got a five year guarantee and, so far, it is fine.

Yuasa HSB005.jpg

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