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Headlight levelling issue

Magna Forester

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Hi all,

2008 SH Forester XS

I don't think the self levelling is working as Subaru intended. The beam pattern is closer to the car than it used to be and sometimes they seem to creep down during the initial part of a journey. So, I'm guessing it not the motors themselves, but whatever controls them and because there is a fault it's going to a default setting as not to dazzle other road users…

Anyone come across this before and is it an easy fix?

Thank you in advance.

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Check the level sensors that has a drop arm attaching to wishbone front and lateral link rear. the drop arms corrode and fall off and sensor itself can have function issues from ingress of moisture

is a thread on here I replied to with more technical details .

Sometimes these can be a easy diy visual diagnosis & homemade fix and sometimes will need parts or have something harder diagnose .

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Further to this, I took the car to TDR in Warwick yesterday and they tested everything and the links are intact. They unplugged each sensor in turn which made the dash warning come on.

they said it would be very rare for both headlight motors to fail.

As the next step I am going to swap out the control module, but can somebody point me to where this is actually located on an SH Forester…?

Many thanks

I meant to say, TDR were most helpful and wouldn’t let me pay them for the time they spent on it.


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Well, I found control module…

…so, with the engine running I unplugged it, no dash warning light. Plugged it back in and the light came on for 5 seconds…

The warning light does not come on and then go out after approximately 3 seconds when I start the car as the handbook states.

As a mechanical engineer I'm afraid I understand very little about electronics, but my gut tells me it's the control module and luckily (or not) there is one with matching numbers to mine for not too much money on eBay…


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Me again🙄

Right, the rear sensor was pretty much seized. The switch itself and the alloy dog bone linkage.

I replaced it with what appears to be a good used unit.

I replaced the alloy dog bone linkage on the front sensor. I found a seller on eBay who supplies OEM linkages. They are not cheap, at about a third of the price of a new switch from eBay, but they are good.

Anyhow, do I need to do anything to reintialise the system in any way, or should it all just work…?

Again, thank you for your time.

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