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Front Differential


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Hi All,


Just wondered if anybody had experience in replacing the front differential on an Impreza, I have an 07 Hawkeye WRX 2.5.


In December have started experiencing a "whirring" noise coming from the front/underside of the car. Not a wheel bearing. Took it to a Japanese specialist garage who said it sounded like a gear box bearing and told me to take it to a transmission specialist. They took it out for a drive and said it could be front differential but can't get the part and said they turned one down because of this and it was a labor intensive job.

Noise is noticeable when taking the car over 50mph currently but is getting worse, gets louder and more pronounced the faster you go. Even makes the noise if you put it in Neutral while travelling at speed.


Tried to find the part online but no joy.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, this is my second Subaru and never experienced any problems like this with the first one I had which was a 99 plate.

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You'll be able to pick up one form a breakers for under 500 I suspect, is yours a 5 or 6 speed ?

Where abouts are you located ? There are a few gearbox specialist who will rebuild them may be a bit cheaper than a 2nd hand one

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