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Subaru 2.5 Sti hatch advice please?


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Hi guys I’m new to this forum and after a bit of advice. Just bought my first Subaru being the 2.5 sti hatch 2009, 60k on the clock with receipt of full rebuild just 2k ano (using just oem parts unfornatley not forged)

Basically I want to change the exhaust as stock one is very quiet.. I don’t know which is my best option, I want to avoid having to fork out silly money on upgraded parts but  I also want to try and prevent engine failing again anytime soon. I was thinking to go de cat but then I have to been told it would need a stage 2 remap? Or do I just keep it simple and get a normal catback exhaust and leave it stock or is it best for me to get a custom tune even if I am only getting a catback as I’ve read engine would be safer with a new map on.    - I am new to all this and my knowledge isn’t the best so bare with me, any help is appreciated though so if any one can point me in the right direction please do. Thank you

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Hello mate , if you just after a bit more noise just get  a cat back , I would recommend a tune anyway even on a standard car ,for safeties sake ,  but if you want a de cat etc get them first then get the tune , but I would say a good tune is important for ensuring longevity of your motor 

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