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How to price Forester to sell?


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Evening All,

The time is approaching for me to sell on my 06 Facelift Forester XT.

Can anyone advise the best way to do this? It seems that the value amongst afficianados is miles away from the trade in value that a dealer would offer. Mine is in great nick for it's age and I've spent plenty on it. I have replaced the rear shocks with Pedders ones, Michelin Cross Climates, DAB radio, Sports Exhaust, privacy glass.I've spent a small fortune and its done 100,000 miles yet trade in i've been offered less than £1500!

I appreciate its a niche market car but on the other hand i've seen similar cars up for £5k plus which seems excessive! 

Can anyone who has successfully sold one advise where best to sell it and how to price it? It all seems so random

!any Thanks.

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I would say about 3,500 about best you get private and even that may take a while .

always best try little more as you can come down in price but not up .

I picked up odd 04-05 XT as low as 2K privately in super tidy order under 100K .

2.5 not most popular due to HG issues, TGV and EGR valve issues and most people prefer a 2005 for road tax reasons .

eBay is big seller for cars, even those using autotrader also be looking at eBay too .
Do very good pictures (not with car still wet from a wash) and be super honest in description and  things should be pretty simple once get a viewer .

selling cars is just luck in having people interested close enough to your location . Good luck .

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