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Tow bar


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Hello everyone. I have  a 2010 Outback SE and I`m looking at putting a tow bar on it. Is there a need to reprogram anything on the braking side or is it just plug it in and away you go? any help would be greatly received.

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plug it in and off you go, be sure either use the subaru spare plug harness for wiring either with correct plug for simple plug in install or wire it in with epoxy sleeved crimps or solder and epoxy lined heat shrink .

Amount I get in done by trailer hitch installers that use quick and cheesy line splice piercing connectors that a total sin to the trade is shocking, and they splice them all over the rear harness making right mess and future area of electric fault hassle (hence why they in my bay as tracking down light faults that caused MOT fail normally :-) good for me but nt good for owners so be sure installer wires only to auxilary harness tail already built in for hitch wiring ) .


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