2006-2009 Legacy Trims

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Hi guys. So after my e60 kept breaking to the point the engine have up, I've decided to buy a temp car and went for a very basic 138bhp legacy from 2004. Needless to say, I am not going back to BMW and now in the market for a faster and better legacy - as a matter if fact I'll be importing one from Japan soon.


My question. I've read a lot about different types of trims. Correct me if I'm wrong, GT trim is equivalent to a WRX and the Spec B is equivalent to an STi. But I've seen a lot of different type of trims such as:


2007 2.0 LEGACY R - what's an R? I guess it sits below GT. How many horses does it pack and is this a non-turbo? Would this only have a 5 speed box?


2007 LEGACY GT - this is similar to WRX with around 260bhp for an automatic and 280bhp for a manual? They have a turbo but only a 5 speed box?


2007 LEGACY R SPEC B - is this better than a standard GT? I though that SPEC B was meant to be the top level and came with better suspension and a 6 speed manual only. Correct? How many horses and is this an N/A?


2007 LEGACY GT SPEC B - I'm getting confused now. So this would be the best and better than R SPEC B? Same amount of horses as a standard GT but has a 6 speed manual?


Thanks guys.

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