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2016 WRX STI exhaust options


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Hi, I recently changed my BRZ for a WRX STI. The car is amazing and I love it.

It came fitted with an unamed cat-back straight-through exhaust with no resonator or rear silencers. (Likely the previous owner had it fitted).

It sounded great for thrills, but for normal driving I found it was way too loud and droned at steady speeds. The dealer has since fitted the stock exhaust FOC for me.

But yes, you guessed it, the stock exhaust is just too silent now and utterly boring. So an aftermarket exhaust is on the cards.

I'm after a nice deep sound that befits the car, yet not over the top with volume or with drone. I have spent some time on youtube looking at differing exhaust's and like the Cobb 515132.

Your valued opinions are sought.😉

Should perhaps of posted this here....

Subaru Engines, Exhausts and modifications


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Hi ,

I am the previous owner of the car and yes you guessed it right I had the exhaust done I miss the car every single day and I was wondering if you still own the car . 
kind regards 


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