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  1. Andy69

    New BRZ

    My BRZ was a great fun car and I enjoyed the time I spent with it. However, it's bigger brother has rather won me over.
  2. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Erm well I just happened to notice a rathe nice WRX STI at the dealer and thought I'd go for a test drive. It is used and only slightly older than the BRZ being a 16 plate. The result of a couple of test drives proved more than enough to convince me and it now resides on my drive after trading in the BRZ.
  3. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Despite my moanings last July about the air-con, I must say the desire for powerful air-con was NOT the reason for buying this car. Obvious really isn't it? I love my BRZ for what it is. It is great little car and I still get a thrill when driving now, as I did when I first took one out for a test drive.
  4. Andy69

    New BRZ

    It is amazing how time flies and it will soon be two years since I got my BRZ. The good and bad points of this car can be found all over the internet, so there is no need to repeat it all again here. However, there is one more negative thing that has made me think that I will likely not get another BRZ in the future. Now we have some hot weather, it is apparent just how under powered the air-conditioning really is (like the engine). The system remains in full recirculate mode (not nice, with stale air) and the temperature in the car never gets hugely below the outside ambient. Probably three or four degrees at best, in the shade. The system is only any good if the outside temperature never goes much above 21 degrees centigrade. Yes, the air-con is working according to spec... apparently. Total pants IMHO.
  5. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Time for another update, done 12,000 miles now and still love the car. The only let-down is the lack of power, but can't have it all I guess. It feels oh-so-slow at times. Yes there are options for improving that of course, but they sure ain't cheap. Boy, would I love to have the Cosworth upgrades and around 290BHP !!
  6. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Hi, just a quick update, now done 1500 miles and still loving it. No issues, and can't wait to get behind the wheel each time I drive it.
  7. Andy69


    After another month of driving, the fuel consumption has averaged out at 36.5mpg on the computer and I work it out to be approx. 37 mpg so it is pretty accurate.
  8. Andy69


    It was on the car's CPU, so may not be entirely accurate.
  9. Andy69


    Hi, I have been getting an average of 42mpg on a new car that's not run in yet. Have done 450 miles so far and the kind of driving is variable, some runs at 60-70 mph, commuting to and from work, in town stop-start conditions too. This figure could go down of course after the run in period when I can increase the rev's beyond 4000 !!!
  10. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Just a little update, done 250 miles so far and I am over the moon with this car. It simply ticks all the right boxes. The handling and cornering is amazing, just so solid on the road. I found the gear change from 1st to second a bit notchy at first, but this seems to be easing off a bit the more I drive it. Also, there is a kind of gear- whirring noise as you drive off but is only slight and sometimes not seems to vary. Still taking it easy of course until the run-in period is over.
  11. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Hi all, Today I took delivery of my new BRZ just in time before the heavens opened. My first drive was in heavy rain and the car handled like a dream. Went down the A1 from Peterborough to Huntingdon, filled her up with Shell V-power nitro petrol, and then home to Chatteris. Have now done 50 miles lol. Here is the hand-over and I am shaking hands with Mark Twigg (right) the Managing Director of MT Cars in Whittlesey. They were very helpful, polite and exactly how you would expect a business to be.
  12. Andy69

    Went a bit mad

    I like it !! Looks good on the colour of car. Lets hope you can peel 'em off if you get bored with 'em Will keep an eye out for you....I live in Chatteris
  13. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Cheers Jay, I will try and remember to take some pictures when I collect the car. On the test drive, the BRZ up to 4000rpm seemed pretty much as powerful as the Honda CRZ throughout the Hondas WHOLE rev range. But I have only had a small taster of the BRZ's real capability, so time will tell. Have a feeling I won't be disappointed though.
  14. Andy69

    New BRZ

    Hi all, a newbie here just saying hello. Getting a new BRZ in WR blue next week from my local dealer (MT Cars, Peterborough Cambs). Going from a Honda 2011 CRZ, so a bit of a change lol. Have been looking at a replacement for it for a little while now. Just saw the BRZ and it was instant love at first sight. So I took one for a test drive. It was enough to convince me, loved it. Handles like a dream, so precise and a true drivers car. Now...I never got to rev the engine above 4000rpm as the demonstrator had only covered 300 miles and was not run in. However, it was still enough for me to fall hook line and sinker for the BRZ. I have never driven a car that has felt so well matched between the road and driver. I just wanted to keep driving it and the sound of the engine was lovely....a gutsy growl in the cabin lol. Anyway, can hardly wait until I pick up my new one next week. I'm 47 and it will be my very first brand new car. Cheers, Andy.