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Tribeca exhaust pipe diameter


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Does anyone know the diameter of the exhaust pipe from the centre of the exhaust to the 2 x rear boxes on a Tribeca?

I want to buy 2 x new free flow back boxes but i'm not sure of the exhaust diameter.

Any advice appreciated.😎

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Okay, I measured the exhaust system on our 08 with the EZ36D. These are all outside diameters measured with a caliper.
Exhaust runners (headers) are 2 1/8s" each.
Midpipe (where the system is joined) is 2"
Axleback pipes are 1 1/2" each.
Given that information, I think the EZ36D could really benefit from some 2.5" or even 3" piping from the catback on. I would really love to see some data on the torque curves with each size. I would also say that the headers don't seem to be a restriction even slightly. It's amazing how massive they are compared to the rest of the system.

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