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Help Buy A Legacy & MPG


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Can anyone give me real world mileage for a 2.0d Legacy, around a 09 plate? I'd be doing mostly 70 miles per day on motorways.

I've grown a bit tired of the usual German cars and I'm very interested in getting a diesel legacy. My Passat does around 44-47mpg and my previous BMW a little better at around 48mpg (real world). I'm worried that a legacy would be a lot lower than those figures ?

Also, are there years / models to avoid ? Anything I should look out for on test drive / viewing? From my research they look to be pretty solid and good for 200k+?

Any help or guidance for a complete newby would be appreciated ! 

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Hi try this place for Legacy only advice.


I ran a 58 plate REN 2.0d for 3 years without issue, it did have a clutch judder from time to time ( which is a software fix according my mechanic, he was a Subaru technician)

Its a known fault that the cranks fail on the early ones, mine was one of the earliest and like I say was ok but I didn't welly it everywhere.

They can also pink, mine never did, think I was lucky.

Its best to seek as later one as you can, after 2010 I believe is ok, again look in the UK Legacy forum.

Mine achieved 45 to 50 mpg , smooth, quiet and being the REN had all the toys.

The engine prefers you to use the low down torque, revving it high serves no benefit as all the power is low down.

Bluetooth is not very good so I had a parrot fitted, satnavs a bit pessimistic, but overall a fantastic car.

Drove it in all weathers, towed a few supposed 4x4s out when we had that freak snow storm in 2010, loved it and only got rid as it was a company car on a PCP.

I've since had 3 GTBS, 1 Outback, a 3.0 spec B and now a JDM twinscroll, I cannot see me buying another brand or model.

I am already eyeing up the JDM Dit cars that are now available from Japan.

There are some people on the UK Legacy forum that live up near you too.


Hope that helps


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2008 to early 2011 best avoided, 2011 on better reliability of crank and less issues with injector learning and clutches.
Clutches can be an issue and it not really a software fix (all they done on software was change power curve trying give clutch easier time .

For diesel awd it hard beat best model volvos and 2005 to 2009 they done some nice built models that decent used buy prices ...

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