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New WRX Owner asking noob questions.


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HI Guys/Gals,
I Recently purchased a 2005 Blobeye WRX.
Am i correct in thinking that these are the correct viscosity and/or  Parts needed.

Oil 5W-30 (Is this the best? (What brand is the best to use)

Spark Plugs - PFR6G (NGK) (are NGK the best?)

Transmission Oil and Diff Oil - AP1 Classification GL5 (What brand is the best to use)

Brake Fluid and Clutch Fluid - FMUSS NO116 Fresh DOT 3/4 (What's the difference and which one do you use and why)

What do you think are the best Oil and Air Filters, brake pads, discs.....



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In my blob I tend to use 5w40 (as recommended by Opie Oils, there’s a discount code for the club on the forum somewhere). I go for millers purely due it to it being a very good price and I keep my oils changes frequent. 

Spark plugs should be PFR6B

Id refer to Opie Oils again for your transmission oil. With your brake fluid, it largely depends on what you’re going to be using the car for, road/track/mixture of the two. 

Personally, I use Mahle oil filters. Air filters, stick to to panel, k&n and cosworth offer nice upgrades for these. 

Obviously this applies if you’re running standard, if you’re staring to add power and performance upgrades, these things start to change. 


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keeping it standard mate, using it as a low mileage day car to work and back and a few extra miles on a weekend, every now and then it'll have a good run out...
thanks for replying appreciate it


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