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Combi valve seized open


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Hi   in my 2008 Forester2.5  turbo petrol I have the CEL / traction light and flashing cruise lamp on. Subaru dealer   some 70 miles away  . Local garage did diagnostic came up with the seized valve fault. They tried to free it but no joy very expensive to renew with no guarantee that will  fix the  situation otherwise I would just go ahead.  I see several cases where some have just removed the valves and blanked of the connection  plus tweaked the  circuit so it   does not affect the cel.   What concerns me on that method is the legality though whilst I can't see that a valve that only opens for 60 secs  can do much about overall emissions have no wish to break any rules. I am way past my capability date for doing anything myself on the car so  have to depend on garage. Any advice /comments  would be aprreciated


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Get new valves direct from Japan online as makes price more acceptable and your local garage be able fit them easily enough, check air pump function also and that it not full of trapped moisture .

legality of removing it is grey area, while over looked by most MOT centres unless obvious bodged mess it can be an issue with insurance cover and leave you with voided insurance after vehicle examination after a more major accident scenario should they want to .

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It's a modification and as removing emission equipment technically illegal .

insurance likely charge you something even if just a policy detail change fee .
I would recommend fixing it with oem parts sourced as cheap as can find them and sit back and enjoy it working A1 for another 8 to 10 years .

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