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Problem with Tein Advance z coilovers (blobeye wrx)


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Hi all, 

I am new to the forum today as I purchased my first subaru blobeye wrx 1 month ago,

I had the common strut knock problem and also a spring went on me so I decided to go down the coilover route, I purchased some tein street advance z coilovers from demontweeks and had them fitted by my local garage. I am now having terrible noises coming from the rear since 3 days ago when they were fitted, does anyone have any idea why? Or have experienced this before? I've had a look and it looks as if the top rubber 'hat'? .. I think.. is loose and no where near the spring? I really struggle to understand this stuff but it just doesn't look right, any help would be highly appreciated. I'll leave a picture here to show you what I mean. Cheers, John


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