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What does this warning lamp mean?


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Saw this warning lamp on the dash of a 2011, 2.0l petrol, manual Subaru Forester that I am interested in buying.  

Vendor ( dealer) didn't know what it meant ( or claimed so ), he asked me "does it matter?"  I replied that it does if it's an MOT fail. 

Anyone know what it means and the implications of it?  Thank you.

It's at bottom right of picture, looks like a headlamp symbol with two arrows, upwards & downwards.


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OK. I found an on-line owners manual. Looks like it is the "self levelling headlamp warning light" which warns that the auto self-levelling is not working. 

I think I've seen MOT fails for this on MOT histories of various Hondas. The car has HID lamps which must not be allowed to dazzle oncoming cars, so there's no user-adjustable method, its all done via small actuators, usually on suspension arms.

Anyone replaced one of these? Is it an easy/cheap job?  Vendor said he would get an auto electrician to look at it but I'm concerned he may just "make it go away" rather than repairing whatever is causing the fault. 


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look at level sensor bracket arms as these can physically break. Ideally want scanner on that to see actual code for bit of direction and looking at actual levelling data would be fastest way progress the diagnosis if level sensors visually look in order.

dealer would know what that is, they only stupid when selling but if that a trade in they would of nailed the value well low on that warning light.

I would assume they already done basic check but sometimes these dealers do next to nothing besides hoover and wash it and if do service work many times it almost vandalism as either break things, use wrong fluid type/amount or use lowest quality items ....

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