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Starlink Failure


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The Starlink unit head in my 2017 Forester has failed.

On starting the 'warning screen' comes up or the reversing camera is activated but apart from that nothing happens. The main agent has tried to re-boot it but apparently it won't accept the latest upgrades whatever that means.

The 'fix' is to get a new unit at approx £1,500 (!)

Has anyone out there had a similar problem?

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A lot of owners will of had hassle, they had huge issues with these and got at least 2 firmware updates and huge amount of TSB's on the issues .

You want press the dealers hep you out on this as spending 1.5K on a 3yr old car known issue is waste of money and even more so if replacement part is not revised .

unfortunatly most of the newer cars are junk .

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