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Exhaust fail & recent MOT

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Nearly 2 years into Forester ownership & very disappointed.

I bought into the Subaru brand on the reliability reputation. Just under 2 years ownership, 1 aircon hose, 1 aircon condenser & next week, part of the exhaust system will be replaced, fractured & it sounds like an old Fergie tractor. Constant TPMS alarms when all pressures are correct. Not the experience I was hoping for after 10 years of 3 different Skoda models apart from usual servicing, I needed 1 sunroof control switch & 1 driver's seat heater element. Looking for another Skoda, probably a Karoq, or if the budget can stretch a wee bit, a Kodiaq. 

The original tyres were Yokohama Geolander, but front ones were gone by 25k miles,no grip, steering very woolly & washing out at anything more than a 45 degree angle, particularly on damp or wet roads.

I now have a couple of Vredestein Sportrac5, a complete contrast, they have so much more grip & control. Usual disclaimers, I have no connection with any specific tyre supplier other than a very satisfied customer of Vredestein.

Very interested to hear of other folk's experiences.

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my Forrester is about 3.5 years old and I had the same exhaust problem. Pushed it and Subaru paid. The new one had been modified so indicates a known fault which should have been a recall. Customer Service useless and totally unhelpful.

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