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Nps 6 speed change

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On 10/16/2019 at 7:49 PM, Stanspeedautocare said:

Has anyone changed the neutral  position  switch  on a 6 speed box . Can it be done without removing the box 

Done it . 1 hours job . So incase anyone else has to change ones . Hear is how to do it .  

Remove intercooler

Remove the rear engine support arm 

Jack up car 

Undo centre section of exhaust

Put Jack under gearbox

Undo both gearbox brackets off car so gearbox can drop . ( only drops about 6 inches but it is enough )

The nps is on the top black plug and wire facing downwards not the one facing forwards that's the rev light switch white plug and wire .

Cut a 19mm spanner so about 4 inches use open end crack it off and undo . Reverse is all backwards . Easy job . (Not as easy as 5 speed though lol ) 

 Avcs now working again . Happy days 

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