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  1. Sorted now got a cable converter and lockwood dial kit
  2. As above anyone got one for sale 88201fa000 Or know if it has yo have the same last numbers as are lots on ebay ending in 61
  3. Hi just bought a 94 wrx the speedo goes to 112 (not 180 like others if seen) and reads correct in mph . But the milage reads in km . How do I change this
  4. As above rear window/roof spoiler for classic wrx
  5. Hi all just bought my 94 wrx and was wandering if anyone knows anything about it ie old owners etc.
  6. Hi can anyone help ..I have a 2004 subaru impreza sti everything fine but fitted some aftermarket gauges and when running all good and reading correct but when I turn any electrical load on the gauges go up like 15deg temp oil and water . I have ran direct to battery to make sure it's not a wiring problem and still the same I have ran new earths all over the engine and body still the same . Charging at 14.2 and when loads on its 14.0 .
  7. Done it . 1 hours job . So incase anyone else has to change ones . Hear is how to do it . Remove intercooler Remove the rear engine support arm Jack up car Undo centre section of exhaust Put Jack under gearbox Undo both gearbox brackets off car so gearbox can drop . ( only drops about 6 inches but it is enough ) The nps is on the top black plug and wire facing downwards not the one facing forwards that's the rev light switch white plug and wire . Cut a 19mm spanner so about 4 inches use open end crack it off and undo . Reverse is all backwards . Easy job . (Not as easy as 5 speed though lol ) Avcs now working again . Happy days
  8. Has anyone changed the neutral position switch on a 6 speed box . Can it be done without removing the box