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Update Sat Nav for Forester


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Can anyone help me? I have a 2015 Forester and would like to update my SAT NAV. I have enquired at the main dealer but have had no response.

I have looked online and I see that some companies supply the mini memory card. I am not very technology savvy and am willing to pay for a fairly straightforward solution.

Advice would be very welcome.

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Assuming you have the built in sat-nav, I was sent this link from Subaru UK...


You can download a SubaruGen2 toolbox and update the SD card. I have downloaded it and read the card but found the cost was the wrong side of £200 for 2017 maps (this was in May!) I decided to stick with the 2013 maps (in a 2016 car 🙄) and wait until the 2019 release (as they seem to be done every two years) before trying again.

I haven't yet but I may try again this weekend and see if the latest maps are available.

It was straightforward as far as I went, you just need a micro SD card reader, which are readily available from your local tropical rainforest.

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