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  1. SebP10

    2nd Service

    That sounds like excellent service. The XV had it's third service today, and they had set-up a one way system in the showroom and sanitised the controls and key when finished. I thought they'd done quite well. (No bomb though!)
  2. Not according to the instructions with the kit. It says that after filling, the car should be driven for 5 km / 10 mins so that the gunk is distributed around the whole tyre and doesn't pool at the bottom. After that the pressure should be checked and then the tyre can be used for a maximum of 200 km at no more than 50 mph.
  3. They've come up a treat; Well done! And lots of useful tips on greasing the calipers too, so thank you both for that too.
  4. Euro NCAP has just updated the XV to include the eXV models. Video below... I used to test seatbelts for an OEM many years ago, when pre-tensioners were just becoming the norm, so I'm interested in how things have progressed over the years.
  5. The corrosion in the seal groove looks quite bad to me. I've seen industrial brakes (that are similar to automotive brakes) with 100 bar MWP leak with less crud in the seal groove. It may clean up, but I would get a re-con caliper, as there is no guarantee that a donor will be any better.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up on this Wulbert and Mr B; I'd not heard of this until now. The AutoExpress link above has another link to a document with manufacturer statements on which cars are compatible with E10 fuel... Cut-and-paste from said document (below) reaffirms the compatibility of most Subarus... Subaru E10 petrol is cleared for use in all models with petrol engines manufactured from 1st January 1991.
  7. Pulled into Morrison's jet-wash at around 08:15 on Thursday, 21st May. That's two spots in 6 weeks! They're almost common now. Almost.
  8. I bought an AA 4.8W panel for the wife's XV because it came with an OBD connector. It's not going to keep the battery topped up for long, but it should buy a couple of weeks and negate the need to nose it into the garage for a charge. I took some current readings (detailed in the XV forum), but unless the panel is pointing directly at the sun (which is tricky as it has a habit of moving!), and angled-up at around 45o (so the sun is 90o to it), the output is far less than the peak rating. Knowing this now I would have gone for a 10W panel, as long as there was an OBD connector available. But, as you say, anything more and a regulator would be required, as a flat battery is easier to fix than a fire!
  9. SebP10

    Other vehicles

    Removed these from one of the other vehicles this afternoon.. Took two hours. 1:15 to undo the clips / brackets / hoses, and talk to the neighbours and then another 45 mins to get the throttle cables undone. It was a right royal pain in the !Removed!! Refitting, once the jets are cleared and floats, er, floating, will not be fun!
  10. I've been wondering about what systems could be active when the car is parked to cause such a current drain, and I started thinking about the keyless entry system. This appears to be constantly "looking" for a key so therefore using power. The handbook (page 2-16 for both the Levorg and XV) alludes to a battery drain issue, recommending that the function is disabled "When the vehicle is not going to be used for an extended period of time", so I thought I'd give it a go. Since the original post I've discovered an average function on the meter so I don't have to estimate the current from the fluctuations. I used the Levorg as it was already nose-on to the garage after being on charge overnight. Results were: Keyless enabled, locked, alarmed - 71 mA Keyless enabled, locked with key (no alarm) - 67 mA Keyless disabled, locked, alarmed - 60 mA Keyless disabled, locked with key (no alarm) - 56 mA So disabling the keyless entry will reduce the current draw by around 15%. The drain is still high but should buy a few extra days before it dies. But, as stated above, the best bet is to buy a decent battery charger with a long lead and plug it in if possible.
  11. From what I have read from the pamphlet in the box, the voltage peaks at just under 18 V. I measured the panel voltage in full sun on Saturday and it was around 17.5 V, dropping to 14.5 V when a handy cloud passed over. Although seems high, my Optimate charger will kick out 22 V if it decides the battery is very low. I struggle see that 18 V will cause anything to "blow" when the current is only 300 mA. The connector is only going to battery positive and negative, not any sensitive ECU outputs, so shouldn't cause an issue at these low currents / voltages? (Note: I'm not an expert in auto electrics, it's just my considered view on this.) I also measured the voltage across the battery (in full sun) and it was around 12.2 V (with ~17.5 V at the panel.) The pamphlet also states that it won't overcharge. With only ~300 mA peak output, which it won't achieve as the sun has a habit of moving around the sky and the panel is in a fixed (more technically, plonked on the dash) position, coupled with the ~70 mA system draw, it will struggle to keep up, let alone overcharge. When I used my 1970s (possibly earlier, as it was my Gran's) "Daviset" charger it was indicating a 2 A charge. As this is nearly 7x the output of the panel (in optimum conditions), I'm not overly concerned! I haven't noticed any problems yet. But then, I've been "experimenting / playing / having fun" with it a lot so it hasn't really had chance to sit there and do its thing! However, I've connected and disconnected the OBD plug many times, in cloud and bright sunshine, and neither cars have seemed upset. Let us know how you get on with yours, @kash0613, please. Useful to know that there are OBD - 12 V socket adaptors out there for quick permantent-live solutions!
  12. I've cobbled up a patch lead to monitor the current output from the panel. This way it's easier to see the amount of charge the panel is providing without having to worry about how much the car is drawing. I pointed the boot of the car (I used the Levorg as the XV is covered in bunting!) and propped up the panel to face the sun. The output with the boot open was 270 mA. When I closed the boot (I had to move the panel slightly to keep it in full sun, but kept the angle the same) the output dropped to 65 mA through the privacy glass. This was at about 12:30, so the sun was nearly at its zenith. It's not worth getting one of these for the parcel shelf as the glass blocks too much light. The output drops off depending on both the angle of the sun's height and direction, so if it barely provides enough at noon it will be worthless for the rest of the day.
  13. Also, the white with black roof and mirrors looks very good 👍
  14. I've been on here for two years now (had the car for almost three) and there have been very few Levorg posts, and they were generally a passing question. As we've also got an XV I've mainly been bothering that section! But two more Levorg owners in a week? Wow! 😁 I've seen four other Levorgs on the road in three years (and one of those was a mile from home, when I was on the way to the dealership to have a look round to check they were as good as they seemed on the Subaru website.) I even waved at a white WRX STI one evening as I thought it was a Levorg! Mine is a Series 1, non-eyesight model. I think it is a great car. Yes, the gearbox could be better (and was improved for the Series 2 "Eyesight" models, as stated above), but it's great to drive (when you get used to it) and handles well, especially in sport-mode. I find it deceptively quick, as in it's only when you glance down at the speedometer on a fun road you realise how fast it's going! It's not quick off the line (I'm assuming it is programmed to protect the gearbox; the XV feels like it sets off quicker, and it has 50 Nm less peak torque), but once rolling the flat, turbo-torque characteristics get it shifting nicely. It's no Turbo 2000 or WRX, but it's quicker than the 0-60 suggests. It's a keeper!
  15. Ahh, sorry for the confusion. I'd been playing all day so it had become second nature but I realise now how the results could be misunderstood. I was recocrding the current draw, not the current provided by the panel. Please accept my apologies. I'll present them again to highlight the (calculated) current that the panel produced in the aforementioned locations: Panel disconnected - 71 mA draw. (This is the (revised down from 80 mA due to finding a better setting on the ammeter) current draw when the car is parked and locked, no charger connected. Anything less than this value indicates charge; the lower the number the greater the charge.) Panel on parcel shelf (Boot SW, panel propped up on centre headrest) - 70 mA, draw, so only 1 mA produced from panel. Panel under sunroof (it just fits between the shade and glass, directed slightly NE as the drive is on a slope) - 66 mA, so 5 mA produced from panel. Panel on dash (bonnet NE) - 40 mA, so 31 mA produced from panel. Panel on dash (bonnet SW) - 40 mA, so 31 mA produced from panel. When I checked the current draw earlier in the day, with the cloud thinner and the sun higher, the reading on the ammeter was -3 mA, indicating that the panel was charging the battery at a (revised) current of 74 mA. So in the conditions here this afternoon the panel only produced 1 mA when placed on the parcel shelf. The tint is quite dark (I could barely see the panel once I'd shut the boot) and the sun obsured by reasonably thick cloud so the fact it produced anything was a bonus! Once again, sorry for any confusion. I'll try and rig-up a set of leads to put in the circuit before it gets to the battery so I can measure the output from the panel and get a definitive reading. This will also save a lot of time by negating the need to disconnect the battery negative lead each time and therefore resetting the time / date / auto-window, so probably worthwhile! It's funny you mentioned the dealers, as my wife informed me that she'd received an e-mail from ours on Saturday regarding the service and MOT on the XV. Apparently they're hoping to open, with safe "SD" measures, on the 11th, which is handy as I booked it in for the 15th when we went to the Subaru openday that they held in August, thus getting £75 off!