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My 3rd Impreza, 1st good one, the keeper!


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 can't get over the Subaru itch, I've tried twice already with a blobeye 1.6 that couldn't pull the skin off custard but sounded right, and a blue bugeye with a constant list of issues from the previous owners that just kept growing every time one issue was sorted. This time, I'm hoping I've got it right. Spotted on marketplace one day when I was bored in work I knew I was screwed right away





Spec is as follows:
Prodrive kit with Certificate
Alloy wheels powder coated
Indiglow dash kit
Pioneer double-din headunit with sub in boot
Japspeed full exhaust system, including up-pipe
Japspeed alloy intercooler
Cruise Improved Craft gearknob
Greddy Type FV blow off valve
Perrin Wing Stabilisers
SARD Rising Rate Fuel Pressure regulator
Greddy Profec b-spec II boost controller, boosting safely at 1.2 bar on high & 0.7 bar on low
Blitz oil cap

Picked it up 2 weeks ago and been loving it since. Only issues I'm having (hoping not to laugh at this later) is a squeaky power steering belt (already bought, but alternator bolt is looking pretty stripped so not going to be fun) and blow off valve not setup correctly. Will be going to a local subaru nut/expert for a remap at some point hopefully. It's loud enough as it is with the baffle in the exhaust, I made the mistake of taking it out and going for a late night run, it went straight back on afterwards. Theres only so much I'm sure my neighbours can take.


Cheeky lowball offer on an HKS induction kit worked out, fitted this afternoon along with a set of Philips Extreme Vision headlight bulbs, noticeable difference for now but will need to get a headlight restore kit soon. Replaced the belts last week, managed to get the alternator bolt out with a bolt removal kit thanks to the mashed head on it, replaced with an ebay replacement, no more squeal


Fitted a standard Recirc valve, heard from a few people they run better so may sell the Greddy off


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My previous 2 Imprezas were:



A 1.6 non-turbo, I didn't do the stickers and it was cheap ok! actually sounded pretty good too, then the next winter:




A 2001 Bugeye that was definitely a project, just too much of a project for me as a daily

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The bugeye had been neglected by previous owner, all exhaust gaskets needed changed for a start, one hadn't even been put in. Constant fault finding did my head in, this one is a whole other ball game so far thankfully. Well looked after, any mods were done properly

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