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New fozzer!

Scooby monkey

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Hi all,


just added an sg (06) forester to the family. I’ve had a 2004 wrx for 6 years so already a big Subaru fan. The forester is low miles and is the 2.5xten model. Rear suspension is a little saggy so planning on adding the spacers to correct this. Few other little niggles on the car but nothing major. So far I live this car - goes like sh*t of a shovel and is so comfortable. The added benefit is that when I get back in my wrx it feels like a racecar 😎 

just wondered if there are any other little upgrades the foresters benefit from early on. 

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I would bite the bullet and get new kyb struts and springs for the rear.

sagging sls affect rear handling massively . they all end up mot fail eventually due to oil leak/misting .

bit of rust prevention mainly rear end around subframe/suspension can pay you back big if planning keep car for years .

Generally good practical and reliable awd station wagon and overall costing not bad as low parts prices and reliability offset fuel/tax costs ...

Good set of all weather tyres can be an upgrade if you in an area of diverse weather and really rely on the awd ability more than most .

Have fun with it, great all round vehicle that so easy live with .

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Thanks for the comments Mr B. 

Thanks to the Xmas budget the Subaru budget has taken a dent. Fitted the spacers to the rear shocks today, in doing so had to remove the top mounts. Shocks seem in pretty good nick so they can wait til next year. It’s now sitting level and the headlights are back to shining on the road! For £35 I’d say they’re a great stop gap. 

The car has a full set of (almost new) Yokohama all weather tyres which are great. Quiet and not unsettled at all by deep water, leaves etc. Can’t wait to see some snow with it, rear diff is limited slip like my wrx so great fun to be had 🤪 

In conclusion I can’t believe how much fun it is! It looks like a boring family car but will sail away from traffic lights like a stabbed rat, happy to chuck it into the twisty stuff and all the comfort of heated seats and the like. 

Next job is to give the leather interior some much needed attention. autoglym to the rescue. They’re not really that dirty but desperate for some treatment to soften the leather. So far the autoglym leather care balm is working wonders. I’d recommend it for sure. 

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